Analysing Assessment Attainment Over Time

Attainment over Time allows you to see how many students are achieving each grade for one assessment, viewed over multiple assessment period, for multiple student groups.

In the filters, you can select the student group, assessment and which grade set to use. The Students in field and Grade Set will usually populate with the correct values once you select the assessment, or you can change this to show the display grade set instead.



Choose whether to display total numbers and percentages or student names. Simply click the filters at the top of the page, and tick or untick the Display student names box. You can also select to display baselines using the filters.




Chart view

Use the Chart view to see a visual representation of student data.



Drill down further in the chart by clicking a grade in the distribution. In the slide over, you can add students to an intervention or complete other actions.



By clicking the View student groups button, you can see grades grouped by demographic. You can also choose to display this in the filters.




Table view

The table provides a breakdown of the available grades at that given point in time. 



You can also choose to group students by demographic, in order to compare grades. For example, comparing girls to boys and identifying that boys require more support in this subject. This means the table will display a breakdown of what grades have been achieved for each group of students over time.



Once you have selected your assessment and filters, your table will display your student's attainment for each assessment period. It displays what percentage of your children are working at each grade at each point in time. Red denotes working below target, white is at target and green is above target.



See which students make up a group achieving a certain grade by clicking on the box.



A slide over will appear, listing the students in that group. You can then take additional actions such as adding the students to an intervention by ticking the boxes next to their names and clicking the blue pencil icon.



Click the student name to navigate to Assessment section of their Student Profile.


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