How do I analyse Assessments by using Below, At or Above?

The Below, At or Above page allows schools to see the percentage of children who are below/at/above their targets. Please note: You must have set targets for this page to work.

Clicking into the filter bar also lets you select the assessments to display and how to group your students.



In the example, I have chosen to see an assessment with strands grouped by year group.



You can see what percentage of students and how many students (in brackets next to the percentage) are working above, at and below their targets for each assessment period.

When an assessment with strands is selected, the weighted average for the student's grade is used.

When you hover your mouse pointer above any of the data points, a tooltip will pop up with information relating to the cohort, assessment and number/percentage of students.



You can click to access more information.



Click the student name to navigate to Assessment section of their Student Profile.



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