2018/2019 Fortnightly Update Roundup 13 - Custom Report Writer Superuser access, medical plans and label permissions.

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The Headlines

Custom Report Writer Superuser

We’ve introduced the Custom Report Writer: Superuser Access permission. This allows you to access all custom reports in your school, even if they haven't been shared with you - especially useful for when staff leave! You can also delete and edit reports.

The permission has been automatically assigned to Head Teachers managed by Arbor, but can be given to others users as needed.



Medical Plans

You can now see a list of all medical plans for students in your school. Just go to Students > Medical > Medical Plans.


As well as from the student profile, you can download a medical plan for a single student from this Medical Plans page by clicking the student’s name and then Download Plan.



Permissions for Labels

We’ve received requests from schools asking whether staff can print labels without getting access to all school communications. Now, the information you can include in labels is based on what permissions you have. Click here for more information.

For example, when creating student labels for students, headteachers can include the fields shown below, but users with fewer permissions will have fewer options.




Coming soon...


We’ll be making it easier for SLT to monitor and evaluate class assignments - great for keeping track of the quality of homework.

Exam entries on a course level

You’ll soon be able to easily manage which students are entered for qualifications, e.g. half the students for one qualification and half for another, or not to enter specific students at all.

In-house exams

More improvements are coming, including more freedom with seating plans and transferring students between sittings.

Staff Ending Employment Process

We’ll be reducing the number of steps needed to end a staff member’s employment, so the contract, business role and user access will all be removed all at once.


If you want to propose an improvement idea, contact the Customer Success Team.

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