What happens when someone replies to an email or SMS?


When an SMS is sent, the text message appears as being sent from a randomly generated number. This number can be different for every respondent and does not correspond to the school's number. This means that SMS threads cannot be initiated, only responded to.

If a parent, staff member or student replies to an SMS, Arbor identifies the phone number and automatically redirects the SMS to the correct school. There is no time limit for when someone can reply to an SMS sent.

You can see replies in the Comms Center by going to School > Communications > All School Communications  > Inbound SMS.

In cases when Arbor can’t match the phone number and the school, the sender receives a notification that the SMS cannot be delivered.


You can also choose to notify a member of staff when there is a reply to an SMS message.



When an email is sent, and a parent, staff member or student emails back, all replies will be sent to the inbox of the email address used when sending.

Sending on behalf of a staff member

If the email was sent on behalf of a staff member, the reply will be sent to the staff member's default email address.

Sending on behalf of the school

If the email was sent on behalf of the school, the reply will be sent to the inbox of the school's default email address.



You can see and edit this email address by going to School > School details.



Click +Add to add a new email, or click the Work Email field in Contact details to update the email or to select it as the default email address used.




All emails sent as the school will be sent to the inbox of the default school email.


Rerouting the school's emails into Arbor

You can have any replies to emails sent from the default school email appear in your school's Communication logs.

To set this up, go to School > School details.

In the Imported Email Accounts section, click +Add.



Fill in the details in the slide over, including the school's default email address in the email address field, whether to share emails by default and who should have access to the inbox.

When you have filled in all the required fields, click Create Email Account.



All replies to emails sent from the school, and any emails sent to this email address, will then appear in the communication logs in School > Communications > All School Communications  > Imported Email.

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