Exclude BTECs from a statement of results

Following the recent email from Pearson regarding BTEC results, you may need to exclude these qualifications from statements of results released to students pending release of adjusted grades.

There are three ways to manage this:

  • Reverse the imported BTEC results (recommended)
  • Exclude the BTEC qualifications from the downloadable statements of results (not recommended, as this page was not optimised to handle a large number of exclusions)

We recommend reversing the imported BTEC results files above all other options. This also means you'll be able to import the updated results files straight away when you do receive them.


Reversing the import

To reverse the imported BTEC results, go to Students > Examinations > Results > Results Import and click on the old results file.



Click the Reverse results import button at the bottom on the page to remove the old file.



Confirm the deletion.



Other options 

Exclude the BTEC qualifications from the downloadable statements of results

Please note this only applies to downloaded statements of results. If you have elected to display statements of results on the Parent Portal, they will show all results unless you also move the embargo date.

Go to Students > Examinations > Results > Statement of Results to download statements of results as one bulk pdf, or individual provisional statements of results as separate pdfs.

Select the date range that you want to download the Statement of Provisional Results for, and select the appropriate student groups.

In the Do not show these qualifications box, select all your BTEC qualifications.


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