Migrating from Scholarpack/ Pupil Asset

The export of data from ScholarPack and Pupil Asset is limited.  Therefore you will need to upload your CTFs and basic staff data using the guidelines below.

To create your new Arbor site we need to follow the following steps:  

  • Complete and upload to Arbor the Arbor UK Staff Template (.xlsx)
  • Setup of the Academic Calendar and Enrolment
  • Import CTFs for Student data
  • Export Historic Attendance data from ScholarPack (.csv)


1. Upload the Arbor UK Staff Template (.xlsx)

We will send your school the Arbor UK Staff Template. You will need to complete the Staff tab with as much detail as possible. Note: use the ‘lookup’ tab in the spreadsheet to ensure your data is entered in the correct format.

Once you have added all the appropriate data, save the file as a .xlsx file.

Upload to Arbor using your school’s secure upload portal. This will be provided to you by your CSM.


2. Setup Academic Calendar and Enrolment

When you first log in to Arbor, you’ll be invited to create your Academic year. Click the green button to follow the steps.

We recommend a standard 3-term structure with half-terms entered as holidays, you can also enter your inset days on this page.


3. Create an Intake Season

To make enrolment for your students easier we need to create intake seasons for each year group.

Navigate to Students > All Students > Applicants

Click on the green +ADD button on the right-hand side of the screen. You will now be able to add an intake season.

Add the name of the intake season, i.e. Year 1 2017/18, select the year the applicants will go into and enter a start and end date for new applicants to be entered.

If required, enter an admissions number and a target applicant number.

Once happy, click ‘create intake season’.

Repeat the above steps to create an intake season for each year group.


4. Import your CTFs

You will first need to export a bulk CTF for each year group from your previous MIS e.g. export all CTFs for Year 1.

Once you have exported your CTFs, you will need to login to Arbor to prepare an import.

Navigate to School > Data > Import > CTF.

Click on the green +ADD button on the right-hand side of the screen.

You will need to click the ‘Browse’ option to select the appropriate CTF file

Select the appropriate intake season that aligns with the year group in the CTF file i.e. Intake Season Year 1 2017/2018 for the Year 1s CTF.

As soon as you have the CTFs for each year group imported, we can begin to enrol the students through the applicant area on Arbor.


5. Enrol Applicants

Navigate again to Students > All Students > Applicants

If you click into the appropriate intake season, in the left-hand menu you can then select ‘Applications’.

Using the bulk select tool next to the student's name, you can select to enrol the student into the school, you will need to:

    1. Accept Offers
    2. Enrol Students (You can add their original enrolment/ entry date into the school)
    3. Assign applications to a Year Group
    4. Assign applications to a Registration Form


6. Export Historic Attendance data from your old system (.csv)

Currently, historic attendance is limited to the data available in your CTFs. We therefore strongly recommend that prior to your contract end date, you export your students' historic attendance data.

The historic attendance report includes the students roll call marks and needs to be downloaded in a .csv format - ScholarPack should be able to support you with these requirements.

Once you have the data, upload this to Arbor via the secure portal. We can then import this into Arbor for you.

As soon as your new Arbor MIS is ready, we will send your SLT a welcome email with confirmation your migration is complete and instructions on how to log in to your site.

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