Card payments in Arbor Guide

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Why should I set up card payments in Arbor?

You can set up, make and manage payments within the Arbor MIS, saving time otherwise used on maintaining and using more than one system. 

What's new:

  • A reduced transaction fee of 1.275% (cheaper than most providers)
  • Save time by managing payments, reports and invoices in Arbor with no need for other systems
  • Pay out to multiple bank accounts and see a detailed breakdown of each payout

Arbor’s card payments functionality is available only for schools located in the UK, excluding the Isle of Man.

If you used to use methods outside of your MIS to make and manage payments (such as Stripe  or ParentPay), your old data will not be migrated into Arbor.

If you do not wish to use our MIS for payment related data management, nothing will change. As Arbor's card payments functionality is the cheapest and easiest option, we recommend schools explore this as an option.


What do I need to set up card payments?

To set up card payments on your site you will need these pieces of information: 

Details of the school's bank details

Photo ID

  • Accepted documents:
    • Passport (preferred)
    • Driver’s license
    • Other government-issued ID (both the front and back)
  • Requirements:
    • Both the front and back of the ID
    • A colour image, rotated with the image right-side up
    • Clear picture with no light bouncing off the ID
    • JPG or PNG format
    • Less than 5MB in size
    • Image smaller than 8000px*8000px

This Guide includes

  • Part A: Setup 
    • Identity verification 
      • Submitting information for identity verification 
      • Photo ID requirements 
      • What if identity verification fails? 
    • Adding bank accounts for receiving payouts 
    • Enabling card payments for a Customer Account Type 
      • Adding a new Customer Account Type 
      • Editing an existing Customer Account Type 
      • Verifying Customer Account Types 
  • Part B: Making and managing payments 
    • Making Card Payments 
      • Where can I make payments? 
      • Making a payment 
    • Managing Payments 
      • List of card transactions 
      • Refunding Payments
    • Paying out to bank accounts 
      • Payout schedule 
      • List of payouts 
      • VAT invoices 
  • Part C: FAQ 
    • Identity verification 
    • Payment provider 
    • Setup 
    • Card Transactions and payouts
    • Refunds


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