2018/2019 Fortnightly Update Roundup 14 - In-house Exam Results, End Staff Employment workflow, and much more!

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The Headlines

In-house Exam Results

You can now enter results for candidates who have sat an In-house Exam. After the exams have been set up and timetabled, you can add a grade set and results for students individually and in bulk by going to Students > Examinations > In-house Exams > Results Entry.



All in-house exam results can be viewed on the Results Overview page - very handy for doing results analysis, to track student progress or to see if marks are missing!


For detailed instructions, see our article on In-house Exam Results.


End Staff Employment workflow

Previously, when a staff member left, you had to add an end date to each contract and class one by one. Now you can easily end a staff member’s employment contract and all of their academic enrolments in one go. Just go to the Staff Profile and click Contracts in the left-hand menu, then the grey End Staff Employment button.



Assessment Bulk Actions

Standardised assessments such as the SATs are good indicators of student performance and progress. To add students requiring extra help straight into interventions, we’ve added bulk actions to the View marks and Input Marks pages in Standardised Assessments. Tick the boxes on the right-hand side then click the blue pencil icon.

This feature has also now been added to the Ad-hoc assessments Input Marks page!



Coming soon...

Card payments in Arbor

We’ll be making it easier and cheaper to make card payments in your school, plus you’ll be able to pay out to different bank accounts. You’ll be able to do all this within the MIS itself, without having to use an external application. Look out for an email with the full documentation coming soon!

Ongoing improvements to Assessments

We’ve taken your feedback on board about the Assessment module, and have some big improvements in the works. This will help you set up and analyse assessments, and that’s just the beginning!

More improvements to exams

More improvements are coming, such as the ability to be able to make exam entries on a course/class level, more freedom with seating plans and transferring students between sittings, and the ability to see In-house results on the Student Profile.


If you want to propose your own improvement idea, contact your Customer Support Team.

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