Arbor's Data Protection Policy to comply with GDPR

For an overview of how we protect your data, take a look at our website.

We are fully GDPR compliant

To see our full documentation regarding data protection for all our products, including Arbor Insight, Arbor MIS, and Group MIS, read our GDPR FAQ. This covers all our security features, principles, and processes in a digestible format.

GDPR At Arbor: How We Comply


We help you to protect your data

Arbor MIS also has a number of tools which can help you keep your school GDPR compliant:

  • Data quality dashboards to help keep personal data accurate
  • User login histories which can be viewed by headteachers and system administrators for access control
  • Role-based permissions which are completely administrable by the school
  • Highly granular permissions so that, for instance, an individual who can see a student’s child protection status cannot necessarily view or edit documents relating to that status
  • Two-factor authentication can be enabled for your staff on request, as well as enforced regular password changes (not available for the Parent Portal or Arbor App)
  • Subject Access Requests made easy with all information about a data subject (whether staff, student or guardian) possible to download with one button
  • Data Retention Dashboards for personal records which highlight records which exceed data retention timelines, so they can be deleted in bulk. For a video on how to manage your data retention in Arbor MIS, please click here.


We have a comprehensive Information Security Management System

We have an ISO 27001 certification, which means our security management is audited annually to the highest international standards. As an MIS provider, we’re very used to handling sensitive information and are an approved government cloud provider on the DfE Cloud Service Providers list.

Although it is extremely rare, if you are concerned there may have been a data breach, please contact us immediately. We will then conduct a thorough investigation.


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