2018/2019 Fortnightly Update Roundup 15 - Card payments in Arbor and much more

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The Headlines

Card payments in Arbor

Arbor’s launched its new Card payments feature! Here are the highlights:

  • A reduced transaction fee (cheaper than most providers - including our old Stripe integration)
  • Save time by managing payments, reports and invoices in Arbor with no need for other systems
  • Pay out to multiple bank accounts and see a detailed breakdown of each payout

Our old Stripe integration will stop working in February 2019, so start saving money today by using our Card payments in Arbor guide.

If you don’t want to use card payments in Arbor, or you’re happy using a different system, no action is required. If you do decide to use Arbor for payments, contact your current provider to tell them you’re switching, then follow the instructions in the guide above.


Bank deposit improvements

We now show a running total of cash receipts and cheques when creating a bank deposit. This makes it easy to match the value of cash or cheques your school has collected with the value that has been logged in Arbor.



You can also download a bank deposit breakdown. Just go to School > Payments > Reconciliation > Bank Deposits, click the deposit, More Information, then Download.



Attendance Bulk Edit Marks

We've made some improvements to the Bulk Edit Marks page:

  • If your school uses timetable periods, each attendance mark will align with the correct timetable period
  • Internal Exclusions and Interventions are now shown so you can see if a particular student is in an Internal Exclusion or Intervention rather than in lesson
  • If a student is registered in more than one session at once, all sessions show in the period (this is why you might see more than one mark in some cells)
  • Reduced the clicks needed to change an attendance mark

Go to Students > Attendance > Bulk Edit Marks to try out these new features out.



What else is new?

  • The Students > Attendance > Statistics page now remembers your filter choices. When you come back to the page, you’ll find the same settings applied to the grid as when you last used visited (unless you have logged out since). If you need to save multiple filters, bookmark the page by clicking the star symbol in your browser.
  • You can now enter and withdraw candidates in bulk on the In-house Exams > Entries tab. Quick and easy to modify which students are doing which exam.


Coming soon...

Card Payment refunds

Now that you can make card payments in Arbor, we’re working on making it possible to issue refunds for card payments, just in case a prepayment is added by mistake or the wrong amount is paid.

Adding Number of hours to Internal Exclusions

We currently report on the number of internal exclusions a student has had, but we know you’d also like to know how many hours of learning were lost, so we’re going to add this soon.

More improvements to exams

More improvements are coming, such as the ability to be able to make exam entries on a course/class level, more freedom with seating plans and transferring students between sittings, seeing In-house results on the Student Profile and setting the start and end dates for Access Arrangements (in case they will expire).

Today’s Detentions

We are creating a new Today’s Detentions page which will easily allow users to see which students have a detention that day.

Probation Improvements

You’ll soon be able to see when staff are coming to the end of their probation period so you can easily take action.

Assignment Overview

We’re creating an Assignment Overview so your Senior leadership Team can analyse the frequency and check the quality of homework being set, as well as submission statistics for courses, classes and individual students.

Printing out a communications log

It will soon be possible to print out all communication (Emails, SMS and letters) with and about a student.

If you want to propose your own improvement idea, contact your Customer Support Team.

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