For reference - free Insight report bundle for Autumn 2020

To help school leaders kickstart their school improvement planning this term, we’re releasing our popular 2019 Arbor Insight reports for free. 

Which reports are free?

The Understanding Your School Report - Helps you explore the correlation between your attainment and your school’s unique socio-economic makeup

Attainment and Progress Report - Investigates your school attainment in detail across core subject measures, helping you to spot under-performing groups 

Closing the Gap Reports (5 individual reports!) - Analyses attainment gaps at your school across five demographic factors: SEN, gender, ethnicity, disadvantaged & EAL and prior attainment 

Financial Benchmarking Report - Analyses your income and expenditure patterns over the last 3 years to help you identify where you could be spending less and plan your next budget.

  • Academies: The 2018/19 Academies’ Financial Benchmarking report is free and available to download now. 
  • Schools: We’ll be releasing a new Schools’ Financial Benchmarking report in December with the latest 2019/20 data, which is available to pre-order now.

The Understanding Your MAT Report - Brings together the key measures you need to understand your MAT’s unique strengths and challenges in a national context. An updated version of this report with 2019/20 contextual data from GIAS will be ready in October.


What can I do with my reports? 

After months of disrupted learning during partial school closures and no performance tables this year, you won’t have all the usual data at your fingertips when you start your school improvement planning. Arbor Insight reports will give you a full picture of your students’ progress over the last three years, saving you time wading through DfE tables and pulling together spreadsheets. 

The reports will help you:

  • Spot attainment gaps and the impact of socio-economic factors on your students’ attainment
  • Get you the context to discover the impact of Covid-19 on your attainment
  • Identify where you need to focus your efforts this year


Where can I download my reports?

Log into Arbor and go to School > Insight.


What is Arbor Insight?

Arbor Insight is our free industry-leading benchmarking tool which all Arbor users can access. When you log in, you’ll have intelligent dashboards showing your attainment, attendance, behaviour and school context data from the last 5 years, benchmarked against your student groups, national averages and local schools. 

You can click on any measure to uncover which student groups are driving over or underperformance. We update your dashboards every academic year with your latest ASP data from the DfE. 

Over the last four years, over 10,000 schools have been using Arbor Insight to benchmark their performance, dig deeper into their results and shape school improvement.

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