COVID-19: Changes to the data collected from 12th October

What has changed in the DfE's guidance?

The DfE has published an updated version of the daily attendance form that schools need to fill in. You can see what questions the DfE are now asking in their form here.

In regards to using your Arbor MIS, there are two relevant changes:

  • The numbers of students for all figures should no longer include nursery students.
  • Schools must report separate figures for students self-isolating due to exposure to Covid-19 'in school' and 'elsewhere'.

In this article you can see:


How to take attendance

To enable schools to report on students self-isolating due to exposure to Covid-19 'in school' and 'elsewhere', we have added two new attendance codes. You'll need to use these codes moving forward. All our current covid-related marks are also now available in Intervention registers too!

What codes should we use?

SII - Self-isolating internal exposure (maps to the statutory mark of X). Use this code if the student was exposed to Covid-19 in your educational setting and is self-isolating as a result

SIE - Self-isolating external exposure (maps to the statutory mark of X). Use this code if the student was exposed to Covid-19 outside of your educational setting and is self-isolating as a result. This includes self-isolation after traveling outside the UK, self-isolation due to a suspected case of coronavirus (COVID-19) in the household and self-isolating requested by the NHS Test and Trace service.

Sym - Suspected case of Covid-19 (maps to the statutory mark of X). Use this code if the student is displaying symptoms but has not yet received a test result.

Cov - Confirmed case of Covid-19 (maps to the statutory mark of I). Use this code if the student has received a positive coronavirus (COVID-19) test result.

X - Not Required - This code should no longer be used for students who in quarantine due to having come back from a holiday abroad. Please only use this code for students who are not required to be in school, such as Post-16.


We have now archived the SI (Self-isolating due to exposure to Covid-19) code, but this can still be reported on for past days using our out-of-the-box Custom Report Writer report (see the section on reporting below).

These marks are also available in Intervention registers too!


Update your planned absences

You'll need to update any planned absences using the archived SI code to use the new SII or SIE codes instead. If you don't switch over to using the new codes, you won't be able to get an accurate number of students self-isolating for the DfE's form, and you may encounter validation errors in registers. There is no way to edit the planned absences in bulk.

To update your planned absences, got to Students > Attendance > Absentees > Planned Absences. Click the absence you need to edit.



Click Edit in the slide over.



Change the code to the correct code then save the changes.




How to use your updated Daily Report

Please use our new attendance codes and custom social worker and vulnerable custom groups to enable us to pull through the right numbers to your Daily Report. You should continue to submit the information gathered via the DfE’s online form here by 12 noon each day.

You can see totals for each group of students specified by the DfE on your Covid-19 Daily Report. When you click on a field you can also view a breakdown for each year group and a full list of students that contribute to the numbers, so you can identify if a whole group of students is absent.

Totals now exclude nursery students
  • Nursery students are now no longer included in the overview totals for each field on the Daily Report.
  • If you click into a measure, you can still see the number of nursery students, but note these do not contribute to your overall figure.
  • Nursery students are excluded from the list of students contributing to the measure.

To identify nursery students who are absent, you can use the Raw Attendance Marks page or other reports, detailed in the reporting section below.

Separate totals for exposure to Covid-19 'in school' and 'elsewhere'

You'll no longer see a row on your Covid-19 Daily Report for Self-isolating due to exposure to Covid-19. Instead, you'll see two new rows for: 

  • Self-isolating due to exposure to covid - inside your educational setting
  • Self-isolating due to exposure to covid - outside your educational setting


Identifying reasons for absence

To help report on reasons for absence, we now show the notes recorded against the student's attendance mark. When you click into the slide over, you can order your columns to group students based the reason -  just click the column header to sort the notes. To help keep track, we recommend you agree on a set of naming conventions with your staff so that everyone uses the same term.




New - Reporting on the attendance codes

You can now report on the new SII and SIE attendance codes from the Raw Attendance Marks page and within Custom Report Writer. Read the sections below to see how the codes used impact your attendance figures and how to report on them.

How the covid-related codes impact attendance statistics

As our SII, SIE and Sym codes map back to the X code, these do not count towards your attendance figures. This means:

  • You won't be able to report on these codes in the Attendance > Absentees or Statistics areas of Arbor
  • The attendance figures on your Arbor Dashboard won't take these marks into account


  • Students who have been marked with these codes for the whole of the term will show N/A in their attendance statistics on their student profile. Students who have been marked with only present or one of the Covid-related absence codes will show as 100% attendance.


Where you can report on the new codes

To see attendance figures for today, use the Covid-19 Dashboard or for analysis over a longer period you can use the Attendance > Admin > Raw Attendance Marks page. Use the filters to change your reporting dates and look at the specific Covid-related absences (including the archived SI code), and select Lesson attendance to view any notes attached.



To look at total figures for each attendance mark, you can use our out-of-the-box Custom Report Writer Template. Go to School > Custom Report Writer and click to create a new report, selecting our template to use.

If you set up the templates before using the previous set of codes, you'll need to set it up again to pull in the fields for our new SII and SIE codes.



Don't change any of the date settings, and click to Skip setup wizard when you can see the step to choose your report columns.

You'll then be able to save and view the report, which will show you student's UPNs, reg forms, tutors, present and absent marks and percentages, and a total for how many lessons they have had marked with one of our Covid-related attendance codes (including the archived SI code) so far this academic year.



You can also report on any of the fields in your Covid-19 Dashboard in the Custom Report Writer - just add them as columns to new or existing reports.




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