Catholic Education Service (CES) 2019 Census

Click the link at the bottom of the page to download your Spring 2019 Census Guide.

This guide contains:

  • How the CES Census works 
  • Before Dry Run Opens 
    • Phase 1 Checklist 
  • Completing a Dry Run 
    • Generating a Dry Run from Thursday 3rd January 
      • Phase 2 Checklist 
  • Running your return 
    • Generating the Census Return from Thursday 17th January 
      • Generating your Census for the first time: 
      • Returning to a generated Census 
    • Completing your Census 
      • Resolving Errors 
      • Reviewing information 
      • Reviewing headcounts 
      • Phase 3 Checklist 
  • Submitting your census 
    • Downloading Your Completed Census Summary 
    • Submitting the CES Census file before Friday 15th February 
      • Phase 4 Checklist 


Click here to download the Catholic Education Services (CES) 2019 Census Guide. 


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