Primary Week by Week Guide for Moving to Arbor - Weeks 1 to 4

Welcome to Arbor!

Congratulations on choosing Arbor as your new MIS and welcome to the Arbor community of schools!

This guide will give you all the information you need to get you up and running on Arbor. Your dedicated Project Coordinator will be here to support you every step of the way. 

Week 1

What happens this week?  

This week we will reach out to your team to say hello and ask you to book your initial call. You will spend this week going through your ‘Implementation Workbook’ and fill in the contact information, objectives, and key processes ready for the call.

Where on the timeline are we?


Actions for this week

  • Book in your Arbor initial Kick-Off Call with your Project Coordinator
  • Assign roles and responsibilities within your school team, for example, who is going to be your Arbor Champion!
  • Fill in the contact information, objectives, and key processes on your Implementation Workbook.
  • Think about how you will communicate your move to Arbor and share your priorities with the wider school team.
  • Get your team excited about the move by sharing online training resources and videos here.

Top Tip for Week 1!

The sooner you can let your whole school team know you’re moving to Arbor, the better! Having an open forum for people to ask questions and understand more about why you decided to move can help with the change, and ensure people know what their role will be in making Arbor a success at your school and what their responsibility will be in the coming weeks.

Week 2

What happens this week?

You will have your initial call with your Project Coordinator to confirm your objectives, key dates and training requirements.

It is really important to start working through your Arbor implementation workbook to complete your Pre Migration Data Checks. You can find more information about what these are and how to complete them here.

Where on the timeline are we?


Actions for this week

  • Attend the Kick-Off Call.
  • Have your diary handy! Your Project Coordinator will help you book any Arbor training you have purchased.
  • Continue working through your ‘pre-migration data checks’, to make sure the data in your current MIS is nice and tidy before the migration.
  • Contact any 3rd party providers (e.g. CPOMS), that you use, and let them know your Go Live date on Arbor. More information on how we link to your favourite systems can be found here.
  • Continue to utilise the free online training materials, such as the eLearning Journey and test site, which are linked and accessible via your Implementation Workbook.

Top Tip for Week 2!

You can provide access to an Arbor test site to the rest of the team so they can get to grips with the basics of Arbor, or to follow along whilst going through our online training materials.

Week 3

What happens this week? 

Your Project Coordinator will check in with you to check you’re on track with the move.
This week, you should aim to finish your data checks and continue to work through our online training in readiness for the big day!

Where on the timeline are we?


Actions for this week

  • Finish your pre-migration checks in your current system.
  • Take part in training, if booked, or utilise the free online training materials such as the eLearning journey.
  • Contact any remaining third-party applications to notify them of your move.
  • Make sure you have communicated to the wider school team the upcoming Go Live day on Arbor. Does everyone know where to find their training resources? Do they know who your Arbor champions are for help on your first day?

Top Tip for Week 3!

If you plan to use the Parent Portal from Go Live, it would be good to start using our Parental Engagement Support Packs to engage with your parent community and let them know you’ll be moving to Arbor so that they are prepared for the change. You can find the packs here.

Week 4 

What happens this week?

This week you will sign off the Pre Migration Checks in your Implementation Workbook and complete your Data Counts & Registration Times. Your project coordinator will check in again to make sure that you are on track.

Most importantly. You will need to produce a backup of the current MIS and provide this to Arbor.

Where are we on the timeline?


Actions for this week

  • Sign off your Pre Migration Checks on your Implementation workbook.
  • Produce a backup of your current MIS, you can find help and support on how to do this here.
  • Share with your school team any online training resources from our help centre and make sure the team knows how to get help if needed.

Top Tip for Week 4!

Once you have provided your backup to Arbor, nothing you enter on your current system will migrate across. You should communicate this to the wider team to avoid any surprises!
Some schools also like to print out a “how to take a register in Arbor” guide to give to the teachers so they’re ready for their first day of using Arbor.


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