Primary Week by Week Guide for Moving to Arbor - Weeks 5 to 8

So you're moving MIS to Arbor, congratulations!

Here is a breakdown of what you can expect over weeks 5 to 8 of the implementation.

Week 5

What happens this week? 

This is your Arbor Go Live week! You’ll receive an email with instructions on how to log into Arbor and start using the system to take attendance and other daily tasks at your school.

You’ll have a status call with your Project Coordinator so that we can see how you’re getting on. You’ll need to check Arbor over the coming weeks to make sure you’re happy with the data that is in your system, such as how to amend any missing or incomplete information in the Data Quality Dashboard.

Where on the timeline are we?


Actions for this week

  • Approve any required 3rd party integrations. Click here for more information.
  • Download and start checking your Data Migration Report, to make sure you’re happy with the data we have migrated from your previous system. To download the report, go to School > Data > Data Migration Report, as this will need to be signed off by Week 2.

Top tip for week 5!

Make sure staff are logging in okay and taking the registers in Arbor - if you’re having problems with staff logging in or being able to take attendance, please look at this guide to see what might be causing the problems.

Week 6

What happens this week?

A key week in the quality checking of your Arbor data, you’ll need to sign off your Data Migration Report to confirm you’re happy with the data we have migrated from your previous MIS.

You’ll have another call with your Project Coordinator so we can check-in and see how you're using Arbor and whether you’re on track with your objectives.

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Actions for this week

  • Sign off data migration report - use your “Data Counts” in your implementation workbook to make sure the numbers match.

Top tip for week 6!

The most important thing this week will be signing off your Data Migration Report. It’s vital that you sign off the report this week, as leaving it any longer could make it harder to resolve and discrepancies in the data if there are any. If you find any discrepancies, please get in touch with support and provide screenshots from your previous MIS.

Week 7

What happens this week? 

The implementation is almost complete!

This week is a good opportunity to really start to learn more about Arbor and embed the processes you’ll want to use Arbor for going forward, such as meal management or taking payments via the parent portal.

You should feel comfortable utilising the help centre articles, and getting in touch with our Support Team if you need a hand with anything.

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Actions for this week

  • Attend status call with Project Coordinator
  • Check-in with your team about how you’re getting on against the objectives you set for your move to Arbor - how are you getting on with these objectives, and what do you need to do next to help you achieve them?

Top tip for week 7!

Make sure you have access to and have bookmarked the upcoming webinars section on the help centre here. Our expert Support Team occasionally hosts free to join webinars on different topics, such as Census, New School Year Setup, increasing parental engagement, etc. The webinar recordings can be sent over to you even if you can’t attend them live, so if there is something coming up that you find interesting it’s worth signing up. You can also see a list of our past webinars here!

Week 8 

What happens this week?

Your final week in the implementation stage.

Your final status call will take place this week, where you will graduate to Account Management.

On the final call, we will discuss the key modules you’re using in Arbor and what (if any) modules you plan to roll out next. We can confirm if there is any outstanding training and talk about how you plan on using this in the future, and finally discuss your key successes and challenges throughout the implementation.

Where are we on the timeline?


Actions for this week

  • Attend your final status call with your Project Coordinator
  • Move from Implementation to Account Management

Top tip for week 8!

Ahead of your final status call, have a think about what has gone well throughout the implementation and if there is anything that Arbor has improved at your school, such as saving time on meal registers. It’s also good to think about whether there have been any challenges throughout the implementation, and what you want to focus on next as these are all things you’ll discuss with your Project Coordinator so they can pass this onto your new Account Manager.


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