2018/2019 Fortnightly Update Roundup 16 - Custom Report Writer, Meal Payment Refunds, Authorisation to Collect and more!

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The Headlines

Custom Report Writer Permissions

We’ve made the Custom Report Writer’s permissions more granular so that individual fields may now be restricted from view based on the permissions a user already has.

To see more information, including what this means for sharing your reports, read our Update.



Card Payment refunds to meals

Continuing our updates to our new Card payments process, you can now refund a student or staff meal account top-up - great if a mistake has been made in the payment information! Funds are returned to the card which was used when making the top-up.

For full details, take a look at our Card payments in Arbor guide.



New Communications features!

You can now notify a member of staff when there is a reply to an SMS message. Just go to School > Communications > Setup > SMS Settings to set this up. They will be notified in Arbor.



We also now display the name of the staff member who has sent an email or SMS (both single and mail merge) on behalf of the school in the Communication Logs. You can see this information by accessing the list of sent emails/SMSs and clicking the message.



Authorisation to Collect

You can now view and bulk update whether Guardians are authorised to collect students. Just go to Students > Parents & Guardians > Bulk Update. You can manage the Guardian’s relationship with the child by clicking the child’s name, then the orange edit button and updating the information.



New Club and Trip Custom Report Writer fields

To help you optimise your clubs and trips offering in preparation for the new Ofsted framework, we’ve added some more columns and filters to Student Custom Reports:

  • Number of clubs
  • A list of clubs
  • Number of trips
  • A list of trips



Staff Probations and Reviews

See upcoming staff probation review dates and probations with the decision set to ‘undecided’ in School > Staff > HR Admin > Contracts.

For instructions on adding a probation or probation review and managing probations, take a look at this article.




What else is new?

  • You can view a list of all students with a detention today and the session the student is currently in by going to Students > Behaviour > Detentions > Today.
  • The Behaviour graphs of Weekly Behaviour Scores and Behaviour by time of day now show positive and negative incidents separately and are now colour coded.
  • You can now set an Effective date and End date for temporary Access Arrangements.
  • There are new reports available in Browse Students:
    • Joiners - all new joiners, and where they came from
    • Leavers - all leavers and where they've gone
    • Birthdays - all students birthdays and how old they will be on their next birthday
  • We have added a Number of hours column to the Internal Exclusions Statistics page for reporting on the number of hours a student has spent outside of normal lessons.
  • We’ve simplified how teachers can get to their list of assignments for a class, made it possible to create an assignment, and to select multiple classes to assign this to from Quick Actions on the homepage and added new marking types of ‘Comment only’ and ‘No mark’.


Coming soon...

More Group Dashboard Improvements

To help you with classroom management, we’ll be adding your Student: Teacher Ratio and Full-Time Equivalent staff numbers to Group dashboards.

Lesson Observations

You’ll soon be able to record information about lesson observations so you can report on the standards of teaching throughout your school or MAT.

More Examinations Improvements

You can already set non-EDI grade sets for all units at once. Soon you will be able to make entries on a per-course level, allowing you to enter half a course for higher and half for foundation.

Staff Appraisals

We are working on adding the ability to set staff objectives and record appraisals in Arbor so you can ensure staff have the support and skills they need and are working towards achieving their objectives and performance goals.

New Behaviour Dashboards

We will be adding new behaviour dashboards to faculties, departments and custom groups, allowing for more powerful behaviour reporting in the MIS.

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