2020/2021 Product Updates Roundup 6 - Your new Arbor Homepage and more improvements to what’s displayed and where

The Headline - My Homepage

My Homepage is the new personalised space within Arbor for Teaching Staff to help them keep up-to-date with all their students at a glance. Plus, live alerts and to-do lists help to speed through admin between lessons. We’ve also launched navigational improvements to the main Arbor Homepage for all staff roles.

Click here to learn more about these changes and watch a video tour.



What else is new?

  • You can now access all staff development features from School > Staff > Staff development using the side menu.
  • We’ve updated the buttons at the top right of your site. School staff and Group MIS users now see Help Centre and Arbor Community. Insight, Parent Portal and Student Portal users will see the Help Centre and Arbor website.
  • Pinned notes on student profiles are now ordered with the most recent note at the top.
  • Send communications in bulk to students who have left your school or their guardians from the Students > All Students > Browse Students > Leavers page.
  • Click the fields at the top of an In-house exam instance to edit the times or delete the instance.
  • We’ve added the Dance and Drama Progress 8 BTEC Assessment templates.
  • Improved staff mapping when importing from TimeTabler - you can see the staff code and undo incorrect mappings.
  • Late marks now contribute to the correct totals on the student profile - L is treated as present and U as absent.


Coming soon…

Group Staff HR

We’ll be making improvements to our staff and HR areas for more accurate KPI calculations and to help check positions for the Workforce Census.

Group Assessments

You’ll be able to analyse your assessments for all your schools with Group versions of the familiar school analysis pages.

Staff development

Improvements for staff to be able to more easily see their own development and for schools to track training courses.


Our new bursaries page will enable you to track student eligibility and plan payment schedules and amounts.


We publish a roundup of our releases every other Friday here. You can also see what else we’re working on using our Roadmap. Why not also join in the conversation in the Arbor Community?

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