Ad Hoc Assessments FAQ

Changing the setup

Can we turn assessments into other types?

It is not possible to change one type of assessment into another, for example, an Ad Hoc assessment into a Summative assessment. You would need to set up the assessments again in the correct format.

Can I set up an ad hoc assessment that isn’t linked to other assessments?

Yes, when setting up the Ad-Hoc assessment you will need to select Single Marks when selecting the marking strategy.

It will then not be linked to any summative assessments and won't show on any summative marksheets. You'll be able to add marks for the assessment on a stand-alone marksheet, shown here: Marking Ad Hoc assessments

Can we change the name of an ad-hoc?

Yes, go to Students > Assessments > Assessment Framework > Assessment Catalogue. Select the Setup tab then click on the Ad Hoc Assessment.

Click on the name and change it in the slide over, then click Save Changes.


Can I add the Ad Hoc Assessment to other subjects once it's already on my Annual Policy?

Yes, if you've added the Ad-Hoc to your Annual Policy for a certain set of subjects, you can add it again for additional subjects.

To add the Ad Hoc for additional subjects, you'll need to:

  1. Head to Students > Assessments > Annual Policy > Manage Assessments and click on 'Add assessment to 2020/2021 policy'.
  2. On the Choose Assessments page, select the Assessment type of 'Ad-hoc' and choose the desired Ad-Hoc assessment in the Assessment(s) drop-down, then click 'Next'.
  3. On the Assessment Details page, select only the desired additional Subjects, then the required Student groups and Assessment Periods before clicking 'Add Assessment'.

Once this has been done, you'll have created a new instance of the Ad Hoc Assessment for the new subjects! Please note that any courses using the subject will need to be set as an Assessable Course in order to have the Ad-Hoc assessment applied to them.


Adding marks and using marksheets

Can you lock Ad Hoc marks?

It isn't possible to lock Ad Hoc assessment marks in the same way as you can for Summative Assessment baselines and targets.

Why can't I download the import spreadsheet?

If you try to import Ad Hoc assessment marks and the assessment has not been given a key stage, you won't be able to download the import spreadsheet.

To correct this, you'll need to:

  1. Remove the Ad Hocs from your assessment policy following these instructions (do not remove it from your framework)
  2. Go to the Ad Hoc assessments in your Students > Assessments > Summative Assessments > Assessment Framework > Assessment Catalogue and click into each one that's missing a Key Stage
  3. Click into the blank Key Stage box and give the assessment a key stage - choose Mixed if the Ad Hoc is not key-stage specific. 
  4. Re-add the Ad Hocs to your policy using these instructions

You should then be able to download the spreadsheet. 

Why is the Ad Hoc not appearing on the marksheet?

There are a few things you'll need to check to enable the Ad Hoc assessment to appear on the Summative Assessment marksheet.


Step 1 - Check you're displaying ad hocs on your marksheet

Click into the filters at the top of your marksheet and make sure you have selected to display ad hoc assessments. On some marksheets, you'll need to specifically select the ad hoc assessment you want to show.



Step 2 - Check the Ad Hoc has been added to your Assessment Policy

Go to Students > Assessments > Annual Policy > Manage Assessments. Click to add an assessment to your policy. If you can select the Ad Hoc from the list this means it hasn't been added to your policy yet. Follow these instructions to add it.

When setting up the Ad-Hoc please ensure you set this up as one mark per course.

Make sure you link the assessment to the right subjects. For example, if you have an IT course set up linked with the IT subject, but your ad hoc assessment is linked to the Computer Science subject, it won't show on the IT marksheet.



Step 3 - Check the Summative assessment has been linked to the right course

Go to Students > Assessments > Annual Policy > Manage Assessments. Select the summative assessment.



Click +Add in the Linked courses section.



In this example, I've linked my KS1 maths assessment to my Registration subject, but in a secondary school, you would usually link the assessment to the Mathematics course.



Step 4 - Check the Ad Hoc assessment has been linked to the right course

If the above two steps don't work, it's likely that the Ad Hoc assessment hasn't been linked to the right course while it was being set up. To link it to the right courses, you will need to remove the Ad Hoc assessment from your Annual Policy and add it again. 

  • Replace - we recommend this option if you started using the assessment this year. You would need to export any marks that you have already input from the Students > Assessments > Summative Tracking > Export page so so they are not lost. Once you have added the assessment to your Annual Policy again, you will need to import the marks back in. 
  • Set up new assessments - as it would take a lot of time to back-fill marks, we recommend this option if you have already been using the assessment for a while. You would need to delete the assessment from this year's Annual Policy (once you have downloaded any marks already input), but do not delete the assessment from your Assessment Framework. You will then need to set up new assessments.

You can see how to remove an assessment from this year's Annual Policy here.

Make sure you link the assessment to the right subjects. For example, if you have an IT course set up linked with the IT subject, but your ad hoc assessment is linked to the Computer Science subject, it won't show on the IT marksheet.

Why is there a character limit for the comment box?

The 250 limit character limit is a guide but you can go over this if needed, the full comment will then pull through to the students report card. We put the character limit there, mainly to warn you that if you make a comment larger than this, it might not display neatly on the report card.

A student has left but is still appearing in the marksheet?

If a student was enrolled any time during the assessment period selected, they will continue to show on the marksheet.

Our analysis pages also include any new students (joiners) students who have been added to a student group linked to an assessment, but who do not yet have marks input.

This means your assessment will not show as having the data drop completed. to enable you to complete your data drop, you can request we turn on not required marks.

If you have students who never joined your school, you can see how they can be removed here

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