2018/2019 Fortnightly Update Roundup 17 - Assignments and Intervention improvements

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The Headlines

Export the Student Comms Log

You can now download a log of all communications sent to or regarding a student from the Student Profile Communications & Notes section. You can customise this pdf, including which communication types, dates and guardians to show, including whether to show private communications.



Interventions Improvements

We have added the ability to schedule intervention sessions across a 2-week timetable, so you can schedule interventions at different times for Week A and Week B.

You can also now delete intervention timetable sessions in bulk!



Exams - Previous Candidates

We’ve added a ‘Previous Candidates’ tab in Exams so you can now distinguish between your External candidates (students with no previous enrolment data) and Previous candidates (candidates that have previously been enrolled in the school).




You can now create an assignment to be submitted via Arbor (if you use student portal) or handed in in-person and logged in Arbor. You can also now input assignment statuses, grades and comments!

Just go to a Class Overview > Assignments on the left-hand side to add a new Assignment or add statuses and marks to an existing Assignment.



You can also analyze assignments in Students > Assignments.

  • Overview by Courses: view submission statistics on a course, year group, class, or student level.
  • Overview by Staff: view the number of assignments created by all staff on a course or staff level, and view assignment details.



What else is new?

  • The page at School > All Staff > HR Admin > Checks > Review now includes the ability to review staff checks (e.g. DBS) and their expiry, as well as adding new check details in bulk.
  • We’ve improved the workflow of adding Next of Kin for a staff member. You can now add contact information while Next of Kin is being added to a Staff Profile.


Coming soon...

Appraisals and Objectives

You’ll soon be able to set staff objectives and appraisals to ensure staff have the support and skills they need to succeed and are working towards achieving their objectives and performance goals.

Lesson Observations

To support the appraisal process, you will soon be able to set up and record lesson observations.

Department  behaviour dashboards

We’ll be adding new behaviour dashboards to faculties, departments and custom groups for more powerful behaviour reporting.

Improved exams entry workflows

We’ll be adding the ability to make exam entries on a per-course level so you can enter half of the course for one qualification and half for another.

More Group Dashboard Improvements

We’ll be improving the Student on Roll measure to include a breakdown by year, and adding your Full-Time Equivalent staff numbers.

Add Pastoral notes to the lesson dashboard

You’ll be able to flag a Pastoral note to appear next to the student’s name on their lesson dashboards.


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