Primary Implementation Workbook

The implementation workbook is your step-by-step guide for keeping on track of your implementation onto Arbor. 

You will be able to see all the key information relating to your move such as ‘Roles and Responsibilities’, ‘Third Party Applications’ and ‘Data Migration checks’.

This guide will explain each section of the workbook and how you should use this to track your progress throughout your move. 

Contact Information

Please populate this tab before your initial call with your Project Coordinator. We need a clear channel of communication at every school, so it is important that we identify who in your team will be supporting the rollout and success of Arbor at your school.

You will use this tab to list any key stakeholders who will be working with you on your move to Arbor such as the Project Lead, IT Lead and any other ‘Arbor Champions’ you have brought in to help the school transition to Arbor. 

The Project Lead will be the key Arbor user in the school trained to support others and communicate clearly the rollout plan to all school stakeholders. Their main tasks will include Coordinating Data Migration, Coordinating Training, Coordinating Pre Migration Checks.

The IT Lead will Coordinate technical support across the school, oversee the integration of 3rd party applications and support with data migration quality assurance.

You will also be able to see who will be your points of contact at Arbor, such as your dedicated Project Coordinator and the Customer Success Analysts.

Objectives & Key Processes

This tab is split into three sections and is your go-to place to track and plan how we are going to set your school up for success on Arbor.


It’s a good idea to think about some key objectives that you want to achieve by moving your school to Arbor. This is useful as it gives you and the Project Coordinator something to work towards during your implementation and will help us to make sure that we have a training plan in place for you. You can also share these objectives with the wider school team so they can see how Arbor will benefit the school. 

At the end of your implementation, your Project Coordinator will go through these objectives with you and assess whether you feel that you have successfully achieved them.

Key Processes

Arbor covers lots of areas in your school so it is important that you go through the Key Processes and understand what will change when you move onto Arbor. 

On your initial call, your Project Coordinator will go through some key areas (Attendance, Meals, Communications, Parental Engagement, Behaviour and Assessment) and will want to understand what your current process is so that you can both map out how you will do this on Arbor. This will help your Project Coordinator make sure you have the right training in place.

Third-Party Applications

Arbor has a completely open API which means that you can continue to use your favourite applications such as CPOMs or ParentPay once you have made the switch.

It is important that you list all of your third party applications so your Project Coordinator can give you the guidance on what you need to do to ensure that these are set up correctly for when you need them. 

Please note that in some instances, the way that some of these systems work with Arbor will differ to what you’re used to so it is important that you go through each application with your Project Coordinator so you can understand and prepare for any change in processes that might arise from the move. 


Arbor has some great self serve training resources such as our ‘E-Learning Journey’, Essentials Webinars and Help Centre articles. We also offer In-Person and Online training. 

This tab is your place to keep track of what training you have coming up and links to the self serve training resources. 

You will also find a link to your test site so you can familiarise yourself with Arbor before your Go Live.

Registration Times

To ensure you are configured correctly for day one, Arbor needs to make sure that we have the correct Registration and Roll Call times. 

Please populate this as soon as possible so your Project Coordinator is able to set this up for you. 

Data Migration Tabs

We have three tabs on the implementation workbook to help you with your data migration onto Arbor:

Data Migration Information

On this tab, you will be able to find all the information you will need to ensure that your migration from your previous system is a success. 

Here, you will find links to how to upload your data migration backup (useful for your IT lead) and access to your secure portal.

You will also see all the key dates we are working towards and a handy checklist for you to follow to make sure you don’t miss any important tasks.

Pre Migration Checks

Depending on what system you are migrating from, Arbor will migrate key information onto Arbor ready for day one. 

It is important to note that the data that we migrate will only be as good as the data in your current system. This is a great opportunity to tidy up your data in your current system to ensure there is a high level of data quality. 

Arbor has listed around 25 key areas that you will need to check before you produce your data migration backup such as;

  • Student FSM Status
  • Errors in Address fields
  • Staff Email Addresses

Once you have checked the data in your current system and made any changes as necessary, you will need to ‘sign off’ your data checks. This is so that Arbor knows that you are satisfied with the quality and integrity of the data in your current system and it is ready to be imported onto Arbor. 

Migration Data Counts

Arbor has migrated data from lots of different systems and we have a mature process to ensure that this data comes over to Arbor successfully. However, it is imperative that you check your data to ensure that you are happy with the quality and quantity of data migrated.

These counts include;

  • Count of school enrolment
  • Count of SEN students
  • Unauthorised absence students

You should complete the list of data counts in the implementation workbook before you migration, and check them once you have migrated to Arbor.

Arbor will aim to resolve any issues that you spot after your migration but it becomes increasingly difficult to resolve any issues the longer you have been on Arbor. For this reason, it is important that you do checks these counts in Arbor as soon as possible after your migration onto Arbor. 

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