Primary Data Migration

This guide aims to help schools plan and prepare for their migration to Arbor and contains an overview of how to prepare the data stored in your current MIS for migration to Arbor.

Migrations require a lot of planning and teamwork from school staff, so breaking the process down into tasks to complete each week will help ease the pressure and make the migration as smooth and manageable as possible. Below is a summary of what needs to be done each week.

Week 1 Pre Launch

A welcome email is sent to your school, which includes your school's Arbor Implementation Workbook. Your implementation workbook contains all the key information that you will need to help you prepare for your move to Arbor, such as key migration dates, guidance on the backup and migration process, as well as data cleansing checklists. You should review your implementation workbook and start to complete it. Click here for a guide on the implementation workbook.

In week 1, you should complete the Contact Information, and Objectives and Key Processes tabs in the implementation workbook.  

Week 2 Pre Launch

In Week 2 your Kick-Off Call takes place and following on from the call, you should:

  1. Review the information in the Data Migration Information tab and our help guides on moving to Arbor, to find the process that is relevant to your school. The process depends on what MIS provider you currently use. Click here to see the relevant guides.
  2. If you are migrating from a system that requires you to provide Arbor with a backup of the data, you should raise a request with your IT Lead/IT Support asking them to take a backup after the PM register on your agreed migration date. The backup should be uploaded to your school's secure portal, which can be found under the Data Migration Information tab of your implementation workbook.
  3. Start the Pre Migration Data Checks to cleanse the data in your current MIS. Refer to the Pre Migration Data Checks tab in the implementation workbook and start to work through the checklist. Click here for more information on how to complete these checks. 
Week 3 Pre Launch

You should continue to work through the pre-migration data checks in your implementation workbook, that you started last week.

Complete the Registration Times tab in your implementation workbook. Click here to see how you do this, and why we need this information.

Start your Migration Data Counts, which are in your implementation workbook under the tab of the same name. Click here for more information on how you should do this and why it’s important. 

Week 4 Pre Launch 

This week, you need to fully complete pre-migration checks if you haven’t done so already. Once you have completed the pre-migration checks, you should click the link in your implementation workbook to sign off the checks. Without signoff of the checks, Arbor cannot take any responsibility for the quality of the data that is migrated.

You should also fully complete your data counts in your implementation workbook.

On the agreed migration date, you will provide Arbor with a backup of your current MIS data, or enter credentials into our migrator, depending on what system you are moving from. More information can be found here.

Once you have provided Arbor with a backup of your data, we will start the migration of the data into your new Arbor MIS. You may need to take paper registers for a few days whilst your migration takes place, as you should not enter any information into your previous MIS once the migration has started.

Once the migration to Arbor is complete, you will receive an email with instructions on how you can log into Arbor and start to use your new MIS!

Week 5 Post Launch

Arbor is now live at your school, and you should have received instructions on how to log into your Arbor MIS.

Once you have accessed Arbor for the first time, you should start the data checking process. You can do this by downloading the Data Migration Report. Click here for more information.

Week 6 Post Launch

You will sign off on the data migration report this week, which will confirm you have completed the data checks in Arbor, and are happy that the data matches what was in your previous MIS.

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