Pre-Migration Data Checks

Before uploading your data to Arbor, you should complete the pre-migration data checks detailed in your implementation workbook, and sign them off by clicking the link in the workbook to confirm you have completed all recommended data checks to ensure the data is of good quality. Without this completed we cannot take any responsibility for the quality of your data post-migration.

Purpose of the checks

The pre-migration data checks are a really good opportunity to do some housekeeping on your current system and ensure the data is correct, formatted correctly, and in the right fields - all these things will ensure the data is moved across to Arbor into the right places, and data is not lost/missing after the migration.

Completing your pre-migration checks in your current MIS before the move will also mean there is less tidying up of data that you have to do in a new system - saving you time once Arbor is live to get on with learning how Arbor works.  

How to complete the checks

We have categorised the checks to make them more manageable - for example, “Student Demographics” or “Student Profile”. This will also help delegate the work if you are working through this as a team, as you could ask 1 person to complete all the “Student Profile” checks. There may be reports that you can run in your current MIS that will help you to check and update information. 


There is also a column in the workbook titled “Why do I need to complete this check?” which gives you a bit more information/explanation about why it is important to check these areas of your current MIS and what to look out for when doing the checks.


Things to consider 

There may be certain areas of SIMS that you don’t use - so that information won’t be populated in Arbor, for example, some schools don’t use the "contract" section of their current MIS, so this area of the staff profile will be blank.

There are some differences between the way data is stored in Arbor and other MIS systems, for example, in SIMS, guardians have a section on the student profile, whereas, in Arbor, they have their own separate guardian profile which is linked to the student 

Signing off the checks 

Once you have completed all the checks, you need to sign them off ahead of providing us with your data, by clicking the link in the workbook. Without the data check sign off, Arbor cannot take any responsibility for the quality of your data post-migration.



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