Migration Data Counts

Arbor has migrated data from lots of different systems and we have a mature process to ensure that this data comes over to Arbor successfully. However, it is imperative that you check your data to ensure that you are happy with the quality and quantity of data migrated.

Purpose of the counts

The Migration Data Counts tab of your implementation workbook is a place to list counts of various data points in your current MIS, to compare before and after your migration to Arbor. You will need to complete this list ahead of your migration to Arbor so that when we have migrated your data from your previous MIS to Arbor, you can make sure the numbers between the two systems match. 

It’s important that you carry out the data counts before your migration to Arbor, as this is the best way to verify that the data has moved from your current system to Arbor correctly - if you don’t complete the counts before the migration, you may not be able to check that the data has moved across correctly if you lose access to your previous MIS after the migration.

How to complete the counts

You should use the tab in the workbook to help you compile a list of the different counts listed by adding the number in your MIS to the Previous MIS column, and then once you have access to Arbor, you can check that data in Arbor using the data migration report and update the Verified in Arbor column, to make sure that the numbers match between the two systems. Click here for more information on the data migration report.

The counts are broken down into different areas, such as student profile, staff profile and in some instances, we ask that you download information for different students and keep the information somewhere safe, to compare to Arbor - for example, “Generate attendance certificates for at least 10 students with a mix of attendance history”. We ask you to do this, so you have the information to compare to an attendance certificate in Arbor, which you can check to make sure the data has is correct in Arbor.

We also have a column to confirm who has done each count, and this makes it easy to work through the list as a team.


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