Registration Times

To ensure you are configured correctly for day one, Arbor needs to make sure that we have the correct Registration and Roll Call times. 

In the Registration Times tab of the implementation workbook, there are two tables. 

The first table is where we need you to enter the start and end times of your AM and PM lessons for each registration form. This is so Arbor can schedule your registers for your first day of using the system, to enable you to be able to take attendance in the system.


In the second table, you should enter your Roll Call Times.

Roll call marks are statutory attendance marks that the school has to submit to the DfE as part of the School Census. A roll call is taken twice a day, once for AM and once for PM. In Arbor, Roll Call marks are derived from the 'best attendance marks' taken between the school’s AM or PM roll call times. The 'best mark' can include lesson attendance, interventions, and internal exclusion attendance marks.

For example, if a student is attending an intervention during Roll Call time and is marked absent in their class register, they will be marked present in Roll Call as long as they are marked present in the intervention. Lessons must be scheduled within Roll Call times for the attendance marks to be used in the 'best mark' calculation. If your lessons take place outside your Roll Call times, (e.g. Roll call Is 08:00-09:30, but the lesson starts at 10:00) the lesson mark will not contribute towards the statutory attendance mark.



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