2020/2021 Product Updates Roundup 9 - Managing your school during the new lockdown

The Headlines

Managing attendance during Covid-19

To help with marking absent students during the new national lockdown, you can switch on our auto-fill attendance marks option to fill in blank marks with the X code overnight. This will not change any marks from previous days and doesn’t override any inputted marks, so you can still take attendance for keyworker or vulnerable children.

You can see how to switch this on, as well as further details on how to take attendance and updated guidance on what codes to use, in our central help article.



Group Custom Report Writer Superuser

The new Custom Report Writer: Superuser permission for Group MIS users gives you access to all custom reports on each of your school’s MIS sites. We’ve added this permission to anyone with the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Head Teacher business roles - to give other business roles the permission, you’ll need to edit the business role.



What else is new?

  • We have split the Date column into two on the Examinations and In-house Exams > Scheduling > Allocate Exam Rooms pages, so you can now sort your table by date.
  • When downloading a timetable, now only lessons are pre-ticked (apart from on the Rooms pages), so you don’t need to untick other events when generating a week’s timetable.
  • All marks on attendance certificates are now calculated out of the total possible marks, so you can quickly and easily understand students’ attendance figures.
  • UDFs now show on the downloadable student profile.
  • Upload attachments against objectives directly from My Items > My Professional Development or School > All Staff > Staff Development > Objectives.
  • We’re making the pop-ups that appear when you take an action easier to understand, such as when deleting a course.
  • We’ve reworded the reset password email message to make it clearer - see an example here.
  • Parent Portal users now see a message about other guardians - ‘You cannot see this guardian’s details for security reasons’.


Coming soon…

Covid-19 updates

We are working on a new area to enable you to track testing for students and staff. We’ll also be adding in a new consent type for covid testing to the Consents area.

Group MIS

We’re improving the staff HR areas for more accurate KPI calculations and to help check positions and staff records. You’ll also be able to analyse your assessments for all your schools with Group versions of the familiar school analysis pages.


Our new bursaries page will enable you to track student eligibility and plan payment schedules and amounts.


We’ll be updating behaviour permissions so only your SLT and Behaviour leads can allocate and edit permanent exclusions.

We’re also adding a new behaviour analysis screen for the whole school - you can already access a similar page for departments, courses and individual lessons, e.g. from Lesson Dashboard > Course > Behaviour.


We publish a roundup of our releases every other Friday here. You can also see what else we’re working on using our RoadmapWhy not also join in the conversation in the Arbor Community?

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