Meals FAQ

Setting up meals

Do I have to set up meals every year?

No, you can copy over your meal set up next academic year, this is part of your New School Year Setup process.  

What is a meal provision?

A meal provision in Arbor is your meal choice. You can have a very basic set up ie Hot Lunch, Packed Lunch, Staff Meal or a more complex set up ie Blue Lunch, Green Lunch etc or Jacket Potato, Pasta, Sandwich. 

Can meal provisions have different prices?

Yes! You can set up different prices for your different provisions. 

Do I set up a meal provision for Free School Meal and Universal Free School Meal pupils?

No, you don’t need to set up a separate provision for FSM and UFSM pupils. You should add a zero price for FSM and UFSM in each provision added. The system will then recognise those pupils who fall into these categories and an invoice will not be raised.


We provide staff meals, am I able to set up staff meals in Arbor? 

Yes! You can create a 'Staff Meal' provision in Arbor.

Can I add/amend a price for a meal provision? 

Yes, go to School >Meals > Setup. Click into Prices and select the provision you want to change. Clicking into the price will allow you to update the price or add another price.




Booking meals and meal times

We have different lunchtimes for different Key Stages/Year Groups, am I able to create different sitting times to accommodate this?

Yes, you can create different sittings for different key stages/year groups.  

We allow our pupils to select meals on the day, can you do this in Arbor?

If you allow your pupils to decide their meal choices on the day, a member of staff needs to complete the meal register each day. The meal choice register can be found in the left-hand menu of the lesson dashboard.


We don’t allow our pupils to select meals on the day, they have to decide their meal choices for a term/academic year, can I do this in Arbor?

Yes, you can set regular meal choices for your pupils. This means when the pupil’s attendance is taken, the system will recognise that the pupil is present and will automatically select their meal choice.

You can do this by going to School > Meals > Setup > Meal Choices & Dietary Requirements and add in your meal choices.


How can I change the meal choice for several students for one day?

To change the meal choice for a select number of students for one day, navigate to School > Meals > Meal Sitting > Daily Summary. You can then click View Register and use the tick boxes and pencil icon to update the meals in bulk.



Can I choose staff meals for the term?

No, staff meals have to be added daily from School > Meals > Daily Summary. Just click the Add Staff button.




How can I print off a list of meals to hand to the kitchen every day?

Go to School > Meals > Daily Summary. Use the green Meal Sheet button to download a list for the sitting you require.


Does Arbor have a meal funding report?

Yes, you can find this within School > Meals > Meals Report > Meal Funding Report.


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