Revisions to Summer 2021 Exam Entry Codes

Some Awarding Organisations have made changes to their Entry Codes for their Summer 2021 series qualifications. As a result of this, you may need to re-add one or more qualifications to your Qualification Offerings page on Arbor.

WJEC reissue of basedata

On Monday the 1st of February, WJEC reissued basedata due to the government's decision to cancel exams in the summer of 2021. The reissue impacts two subjects - English Literature and History.

(WJEC) What has changed?

For English Literature, WJEC had previously implemented a structure based on three different options (2a, 2b and 2c) - entries had to be made against a specific code that reflected these options. The specific code would have needed to be set up as an Award and Learning Unit on Arbor.

Following the reissue of basedata, English Literature has been adjusted back to its original structure, and now sits under the entry code C720QS that was used for the November series.

For History, WJEC had previously implemented a structure based on three different routes (Route 1, Route 2 and Route 3), with entries being made against the Route and the specific linked options.

(WJEC) What does this mean in Arbor?

 In Arbor, you will likely have set up an Award that corresponds to the option code or route code for English Literature or History respectively. For English Literature, the Learning Unit would have matched the option code. For History, individual Learning Units would have been manually linked to the route code Award. Your setup would likely have looked like this:


The changes made by WJEC mean that these setups are no longer up-to-date.

(WJEC) What do I need to do?

If you have already submitted entries: Please contact WJEC to confirm whether you need to make any changes.

If you have not submitted entries, you will likely want to adjust your setup to match the structure WJEC has in place.

  1. Firstly, add the new code to your Qualification Offering page. For English Literature, this is C720QS, for History this is C100QS. Please note that these codes may already be present if entries were made against them for the November series.

  2. For English Literature, you'll then need to tick the Learning Unit C720QS and click Save Offering

    For History, once you have added the Award, you'll need to scroll down to the Manually Linked Units section, click the Add button, and add in the appropriate Unit codes that correspond to the options you are offering (e.g. C100U1 for Component 2a USA 1929-2000).

    You would then be best to head to the Qualification Offering page, and click into the old route option. Once the page for this loads, you can scroll down to Manually Linked Units and click into the links to the specific options, and remove them. This will ensure that when you withdraw students from the Award, you won't withdraw them from the units as well.


  3. Once you have set up the new structure, you will then be able to use the Entries by Student Group page to enter your students into the revised codes.

(WJEC) Withdrawing Students from the 'old' codes

To withdraw students from the codes that WJEC have replaced, we would recommend following one of the following two processes:

For candidates that are Entered (an EDI file has been submitted to WJEC and confirmed):

  • You can use the Entries by Student Group page to withdraw the students in bulk.

For candidates that are Entered (Pending Submission):

  1. From the Qualification Offering page, click into the old Award code, then click Qualification Offering on the slideover menu.

  2. Click on the Candidate Entries tab, then click into the Award.

  3. When the list of entries loads, use the tickboxes on the left-hand side to select the candidates to withdraw, then click the blue pencil and use the Withdraw Candidates option. This will withdraw students from the Award and the Learning Unit in one go. As mentioned above, for History, you'll want to have removed the Manually Linked Learning Units from the old route Award to prevent students from being withdrawn from both the Award and Learning Unit.


AQA and Pearson changes to entry codes

(AQA and Pearson) What has changed?

AQA and Pearson have made changes to their Entry Codes.

AQA have made changes to codes for GCSE subjects such as History and Drama. You can view the latest Entry Codes within AQA's Entry Codes PDF document.

Pearson have made changes to their GCSE History qualification, and this will not be using the usual 1HI0 Entry Code for Summer 2021 - the code 1HIA or 1HIB will be used instead, based on the topics the students are being assessed on. You can read more about this on Pearson's website. Pearson have also updated their Entry Code Calculator with the new codes, to enable you to identify the specific Entry Code you'll need for the Summer series.


In the screenshot above, we can see that the new Entry Code is 1HIA, with AH being the specific option that is required.

(AQA and Pearson) What does this mean in Arbor?

If you added the qualification to Arbor for the November 2020 series, you may have used an Entry Code that is no longer being used for the Summer 2021 series. If this is the case, you'll need to re-add the qualification on your Qualification Offering page, using the new Entry Code. This will create a new Award/Learning Unit that holds exam data for the Summer 2021 series.

(AQA and Pearson) What do I need to do?

Once you know your new Entry Code, complete the following steps - in our example, we'll use the AQA code for Drama, which has been changed from 8261 to 8261E.

First, you'll need to open Arbor and go to Students > Examinations, which will open the Qualification Offerings page. Click on +Add New.

On the slide over menu, put your new Entry Code into the Search box. In this case, we'll use 8261E. You'll then be able to select the qualification in the Award / Unit* drop-down menu. Click Add offering to add this to your Qualification Offering. (Note: When entering a Pearson History code, you'll need to ensure any spaces are removed.)

After adding the new code to your Qualification Offering, you'll be taken through to the specific page for the qualification. The Award which uses the new code should be ticked - you'll then need to tick the Unit which uses the new code and click Save Offering.


After adding in the new codes, you'll then be able to make select the Summer 2021 series codes when making entries for the qualifications - just ensure that you select the new entry code for the Award when you are making entries.


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