Changes to Cover Manager and Supply Teacher permissions on 18th Jan 2021

We made some changes to the level of access that users with the Cover Manager and Supply Teacher business roles on 18th January 2021.

This change made it easier to manage access to different areas of Arbor by reducing the permissions that come with these business roles down to just the actions they'll need to take day-to-day. Cover Managers are still able to manage staff absences and assign cover, and Supply Teachers are still able to take attendance and manage their classes.

To help you minimise any disruptions to staff access at your school, you can find PDFs of the current permissions that each business role has at the bottom of this article - only the permissions with the word keep have not been removed. Just click the link to download it to your computer and open it.

Please note: If you have taken control of either of these business roles, the permissions have not been changed.

If you need to give staff extra permissions you can:

We've made these improvements based on feedback from schools like you

We really value feedback from our schools and use this to help us improve the Arbor MIS, so we’d love to hear from you. You can see what else we’re working on and submit feedback using our Roadmap.

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