How to exclude your bubble classes from your census

To enable you to report on your classes and pupil numbers as if your timetable was unaffected by covid-19, you will need to make some changes to how you report the census. Determine whether you have bubble registers timetabled alongside your normal timetable, or if you have removed your timetable and only have bubble classes timetabled.


We have bubble classes set up in addition to our regular timetable

You’ll need to exclude your bubble classes from your census output. If you click into your pupil reconciliation, you can see that students are due to be in more than one class at once due to your bubble registers.




To resolve this, go to the Classes page from the left-hand menu and click on your bubble classes. Set all the numbers to 0 and click Save Changes.



This will exclude the class from your census, but you will still see the class on the page.



We have replaced our normal timetable

You can change the date for your census to look at the timetable for by clicking +Add on the Classes page and selecting a date that you had a normal timetable set up on your site. This will mean the class details of this timetable will be output in the census as if you were running this timetable today.



You will need to adjust the numbers of students in the classes on the Classes page (from the left-hand menu) to the number of students you would expect to be in the class. Do not edit any student enrolments, just adjust numbers on the Classes census page.


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