2020/2021 Product Updates Roundup 10 - Updates to permissions and how to manage Covid-19 at your school

The Headlines - Covid-19 and your school

We’re continuously updating Arbor to enable you to run your school efficiently during Covid-19. Here are the most recent updates:

Covid-19 consents and testing - Add consents for staff and students or collect them through the Parent Portal/Arbor App. Then use our testing pages to record eligibility for tests, filter by consent status and add testing results, dates and notes for students and staff. Top Tip: Download the table to see DOB and primary phone number.

Staff can also record their own tests from My Items > My Covid-19 Tests!



The Covid-19 Dashboard - Report on the FSM and requested on-site education fields required by the DfE. You can also choose whether to show lesson attendance or statutory roll call attendance.



Edit Roll Call Marks - Use our new Roll Call Marks page to view statutory AM and PM attendance marks for all students in your school for up to 10 days. Drill down into different student groups and take further actions such as adding students to an intervention or editing a student’s mark.



What else is new?

  • Report on a student’s continuous absence or attendance over time using our Continuous Roll Call Marks report writer field.
  • We’ve reduced the level of access that the Cover Manager and Supply Teacher business roles have to just what they need to do day-to-day - see full details of the changes here.
  • We’ve added new Permanent Exclusions: View and Administer permissions to SLT and behaviour lead roles, and removed the ability to allocate and edit permanent exclusions from the Behaviour: Administer permission. If other staff need access to view or manage Permanent Exclusions, give them the new permission using these instructions.
  • Arbor’s login page now has a brand new look! We’ve changed the layout and added a link to useful troubleshooting tips.
  • We’ve added Registration Form and Year Group columns to student tables in Interventions.
  • Report on any language that students speak in Custom Report Writer (excluding their fluency).
  • Change the guardians attending a guardian consultation by selecting the meeting and clicking the Change guardian attendees button.


Coming soon…

Report Cards

You’ll be able to show display grades on report cards and omit certain subjects from Report Cards for students that have no marks. 


You’ll be able to cap the number of students in a detention to the room’s capacity and remove staff from a detention.

We’re also adding a new behaviour analysis screen for the whole school - you can already access a similar page for departments, courses and individual lessons, e.g. from Lesson Dashboard > Course > Behaviour.

Group MIS

We’re improving the staff HR areas for more accurate KPI calculations and to help check positions and staff records. 

You’ll also be able to set up assessments on all your schools’ sites at the click of a button then analyse results with group versions of our analysis pages.


We publish a roundup of our releases every other Friday here. You can also see what else we’re working on using our RoadmapWhy not also join in the conversation in the Arbor Community?

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