Student Alerts for pinned safeguarding notes on My Homepage

Staff receive an alert when a safeguarding note is pinned for any students linked to them through Interventions, Departments, Faculties and Lessons. They will also need the Safeguarding: View My Students to see this appear.

To record the Safeguarding Note, staff will need the Safeguarding: Administer All Students or Safeguarding: Administer My Students permission.



How do I know if I am linked to a student?

On your Dashboard, under the My Students tab, click the 'Search for groups and courses e.g. Geography or Year 7' dropdown.

The list of the groups here are the groups you are linked to. Any students within these groups are your 'Linked Students'. These are the students you will receive Student Alerts for.



How to use Student Alerts

Once a Safeguarding Note has been added and pinned to the top of a student profile (take a look at the Safeguarding Notes section of this article to see how to add this), the new alert will appear at the top of the Student Alerts section.



If you want to view all the Student Alerts for this Academic Year, click on the title 'Student Alerts'.



You can also use My Items > My Notifications > Student Alerts tab to see all the Student Alerts.



How to dismiss alerts

Click the tick box next to the alert you want to dismiss, then click the blue pencil icon and select Dismiss alerts.



Click the red Yes, Dismiss button, and the alert will then be removed from the Student Alerts list. It isn't possible to bring the alert back once deleted.




Why don't I get Safeguarding Alerts even when I have linked students?

You may be missing the Safeguarding: View My Students permission. You will need to ask your Admin team to add the permission to your profile using these instructions.

I'm an Admin, why am I not seeing alerts of Safeguarding Notes?

Admins don't have any linked students, because they are not linked to any Intervention, Course, Department, Faculty or any Lessons, so will not get Student Alerts.

How do I stop alerts from appearing?

There isn't a way to stop these alerts from appearing, as the staff are linked to the student and shouldn't be unlinked. They will need to dismiss the alerts when they appear if they don't want to keep them in the Student Alerts section.

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