Managing Teacher Assessed Grades (TAG) for 2021 summer examinations

Since the DfE’s update that GCSE and A-level qualifications will be awarded based on assessment by teachers rather than formal exams, they have released further guidance outlining that schools should submit unranked Teacher Assessed Grades to the Awarding Organisations.

You can generate lists of students you've entered into each exam series in Arbor, which you can then export to excel to filter and submit to the Awarding Organisations before the 18th June deadline. We've detailed the process below.

You will not be able to use the Forecast Grades page to generate a list, due to the Awarding Organisation not having released the full basedata for the Summer 2021 exams. 

Permissions required

To view student entries, you'll need one of these permissions:

  • Student Profile: Action: Qualifications: Administer All Students - Headteachers and Exams Officers have this permission by default, but you can add it to users as required here
  • Student Profile: View: Qualifications: View All Students - Please note this permission will not currently allow users to view the entries pages. We are currently working on fixing this.


Step 1 - See your entries

If you've got the right permissions, you'll be able to go to Students > Examinations > Entries > Entries by Student Group.

Click into the filters to select the classes you want to generate a list of entries for, then click Apply Filters.



You'll then see all of their entries. If you can't see any entries, make sure you have made your entries correctly.



Step 2 - Download and filter your data

To export your entries into a spreadsheet, click Download and select Excel.

Your export will show additional student fields of UPN, UCI and ULN.



Once you open your export in Excel, you have a list of students and their entries.



You can then:

  • Delete any unneeded columns.
  • Remove any students who aren't taking that subject by deleting the row.
  • Separate each subject into its own sheet if you want to. Just duplicate your tab, then delete any unwanted columns so you have one subject in each tab.

For example, as I'm only looking at students taking English Language, I'm going to delete the other columns. 



Step 3 - Send your grades off to the awarding organisations

You can then put in the grades, which you can share with other team members to help finalise. In this example, I've uploaded my excel file to Google sheets to allow me to share it.

To put in grades, simply change 'Entry Confirmed' to the grade.



Once you've finalised your grades, you can send them to the awarding organisation. The process for this is likely to be different for each awarding organisation, so please contact them for further information.

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I'm still stuck!


  • Thanks for this.

    Is it just me though that can't see why we would use this over assessments? We need the data in Arbor so we can analyse it and send to 4matrix. 

  • Hi Kate, we know not all of our schools use the Assessments area of Arbor, so doing it through exams allows you to generate these lists without needing to set any assessments up. It also includes the UCI, UPN and ULN so you don't need to worry about adding additional columns, user-defined fields etc. If you would like to use assessments to generate your lists you absolutely can!


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