Why is X showing on the Attendance Certificate?

An X will show on the Attendance Certificate for any marks that will map to an X. These marks are:

  • X01 - Non-compulsory School Age
  • X02 - Self Isolating Covid Symptoms (Previously Sym)
  • X03 - Self - Isolating due to Internal Exposure (Previously SII)
  • X04 - Self - Isolating due to External Exposure (Previously SIE)
  • X05 - Quarantine Requirement
  • X05 - Shielding 
  • X07 - Government Restrictions
  • X - Non - Statutory School Age Absence OR Covid - related

Most places in Arbor (such as in your registers, on the Student Profile or in other reports) will show these codes specifically, rather than the X code. 

As all of these codes map to X, they will display as X in statutory reporting such as in attendance certificates. 

Any Illness marks, including I01, I02 and I, will map to an 'I' in the Attendance Certificate, not an X.

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