Behaviour in My Classroom FAQ

Can we assign detentions from within My Classroom?

No. You can’t assign detentions directly from My Classroom, but you can record behavioural incidents, which may trigger automatic detentions depending on how you’ve chosen to set up your behaviour incident workflows.



When is data updated in My Classroom?

My Classroom does not automatically refresh, so if someone assigns your student behaviour points from the Lesson Dashboard, you’ll need to refresh your page to see updated totals.


How are the behaviour scores calculated?

Behaviour scores show the behaviour recorded for the pupil during the current lesson. Each incident counts as one score point and behaviour award points are counted by their value (e.g. 3 star points would show a 3 on the behaviour score and a level negative 4 incident would count as 1).

Positive incidents and positive behaviour award points are added up in the green circle whereas negative and neutral incidents and behaviour award points are added up in the red circle.


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