Using My Classroom and Interventions to track and prevent Covid-19 exposure

It's easy to track and trace a student's journey through the day, looking at who they've been in contact with to see who may need to self-isolate. Use seating plans in My Classroom to see which students have been in contact with each other, then add these students to an intervention to enable you to send communications to their guardians, add a planned absence and monitor students using intervention strategies.

We suggest using Interventions to create your student groups, as it allows you to follow the students throughout their isolation and log reviews. If you don't wish to use these features, you could use Custom Groups instead.

What permissions and settings you'll need

Here are the permissions and settings you'll need to manage the whole process:

  • Set up and manage students in Interventions - One of the School: Intervention: Administer permissions or one of the Student Profile: SEN: Administer permissions. Your school needs to be on the Perform package, or have purchased Interventions.
  • See seating plans in My Classroom - Once you have switched on My Classroom, you'll need the School: Action: General Admin: Administer permission. Your school needs to be on the 2020 Perform package, or have purchased My Classroom. 
  • Send communications from Interventions - The Send and administer school communications: Administer permission.
  • Add planned absences for students - The Attendance: Administer all students permission.

If you don't have any of the required permissions, ask your school office to give them to you using these instructions.  



Step 1 - Create the intervention

Go to Students > Interventions and click +Add to create a new intervention.




Once you've set up your intervention, add an intervention group for the students who need to isolate from today by clicking +Add



Step 2 - Visit the student profile of a student with Covid-19

You can use the Students > Attendance > Absentees > Absentees By Date page, or your Students > Attendance > Covid-19 Dashboard to identify any students who have Covid-19 (if they've been marked with the correct code or have had a planned absence added).




Go to their student profile and click on their Calendar from the left-hand menu. You'll need to work through the lessons they have that day to identify the students they were in contact with.

We'll start with the first class, Registration. Click on the first lesson in the calendar.


Step 3 - Find the students they've been in contact with

Clicking the lesson in their calendar will take you to the Lesson Dashboard for that lesson. Click the My Classroom button.



This will open My Classroom in a new tab, where you can see which other students the student has been in contact with. In this example, you can see Sean, Natalie and Eileen will need to isolate.



Return to the lesson dashboard and scroll down to the Students table. Tick the boxes next to the students who will need to isolate, click the blue pencil icon and select Add to Existing Intervention Group.



In the slide over, select your Covid tracking intervention group and add the students.


Step 4 - Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each lesson in the day

Return back to the original student's Calendar, and click into the next class to identify more students they have been in contact with and add them to the same intervention. 

Top Tip: No need to remember who you've already added to the intervention. The system won't add two enrolments into an Intervention with the same dates for a student, so you can select all the students who've been in contact in each class.


Step 5 - Send communications to the students who need to isolate

You can easily send emails, SMS or In-app messages to guardians of the students who will need to isolate right from the intervention.

Just go to Students > Interventions and click into your Covid-19 intervention. Click the box next to the blue pencil icon, then just click the icon to select which communication type to use.


Step 6 - Add a planned absence for the students who need to isolate

You can easily add a planned absence for all the students that need to isolate after being in contact with a positive test. This will then mark them with the correct attendance code in the register (once it has been opened).

Go to Students > Attendance > Absentees > Planned Absences and click the Record Planned Absence button. In the Students field, type the name of your intervention group and select it. You can then add in the rest of the details and the period of time the students need to isolate for, then add the planned absence!


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