2018/2019 Product Update Roundup 19 - Assessment Target tracking and adjustment

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The Headlines

Predicted Final Mark

A Predicted Mark represents the final grade that a teacher thinks a student will actually achieve. Track changes in over time by looking back at the Predicted Mark entered for each assessment period.

We’ve also improved the Predicted Final Mark so it is derived from the latest predicted mark.

For a quick reference guide on Predicted Marks and other Summative Assessment targets in Arbor, click here.



Target Judgement Rules

You can adjust the thresholds for each assessment’s Target Judgement Rules, allowing you to customise what mark is needed for students to be judged as Below, At or Above targets.

This determines the colour codings on marksheets and report cards. For example, if a student is working at their target, Arbor colours the cell green and if they are working slightly below, Arbor colours the cell yellow.

Adjust the settings by going to Assessments > Assessment Framework > Targets.

To take a look at some examples, read our article.


Cycle through Staff Profiles

Cycle through staff profiles using the previous/next buttons, just like on student profiles! Go to the Browse Staff page and apply a filter such as Business Role if needed. Select a staff member then cycle through staff profiles with the same filter applied.



Lessons and Courses

We’ve made the Lesson Settings page easier to find.  It’s now under School > Programs. Use this page to edit the features visible to teachers on registers, such as pastoral notes or this week’s detentions.



We’ve added the Course Bulk Enrolment button on the Courses & classes page so you can bulk import students into courses based on year group.



More Assessment Improvements

If you’ve added assessments in error, don’t worry! It’s now possible to remove assessments from your Assessment Policy and then the Framework. Be careful - If marks exist, they will also be deleted! Just click into the assessment and click the red Delete button.



Following the upgrades to the assessments navigation, we’ve also improved the import marks workflow. Instead of having to navigate to an assessment, just go to Summative Tracking > Mark Entry > Import Marks and then upload the spreadsheet from the same page.



What else is new?

  • Hovering over a sitting on the Assign Seats page now brings up a tooltip showing which exams take place in that sitting.
  • We've added a search function to the Access Arrangements and Candidates pages in Examinations.
  • We’ve removed the commas at the end of each address line for mail merge letters and labels.
  • Add a Row Count to a Custom Report column - great for showing a ‘total’ row on class lists. Choose a formula to calculate the data shown. Different options are available depending on the type of data in this column (e.g. Sum, Average, Row Count).


Coming soon...

Data Collections

You’ll soon be able to create data collection policies, allowing you to set when certain assessment marks should be collected and by who.

New Group Permissions

We’ll be making our Group MIS permissions more granular, allowing your staff to complete as many actions as possible while maintaining the correct levels of safety and data protection. This will include adding permissions to the Group Custom Report Writer, dashboard KPIs and group actions. We’re also adding standardised assessment fields such as SATs & EYF Profile results to the Custom Report Writer.


We’ll be introducing the ability to record, save and submit observations using a template created by you. This includes creating your own grade set, themes and strands to be observed.

Preview Communications

We’re working on more functionality for communications including the ability to choose a different logo for emails and previewing emails, letters and SMS messages before they are sent.

Assessment Improvements

New permissions will help you lock down staff access and ability to edit baselines and targets. We’re also adding more ways to customise assessments including renaming targets and introducing ways to show when a mark was not required for the student or that they were absent at the time of assessment

Department Behaviour Dashboards

We’ll be adding new behaviour dashboards to faculties, departments and custom groups for more powerful behaviour reporting.


If you want to propose your own improvement idea, contact our Customer Support Team.

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