Common Data Migration Queries

To help you once you've had your data migrated to Arbor, we've listed some of the most common questions and answers below. 

Questions related to all MIS systems

What absence information will be transferred over i.e. will it just be the current academic year or previous years?

We don't restrict dates at all, so all records that are in the database will come across.

Do we migrate past and future records? 

We migrate all records regardless of when they occur.

What file types should backups be?

Backups are always .bak file types. DMS files are either .zip or .7zip.

What if we store numbers with +44 type codes?

They will still be migrated and are all stored as international codes.

Will telephone numbers still migrate across if they have spaces (ie. 07751 91 91 91)?

Yes, they will still be migrated, spaces are ignored. 

Why are some student/staff photos missing?

This is usually due to file type/size, they must be jpeg and less than 1MB. You will need to re-upload photos if they are not migrating across.

Do we migrate Pupil Premium Recipients?

Pupil Premium will only be set to 'Yes' in Arbor if the student has one of the DfE criteria recorded on their student profile. More information on the differences between Pupil Premium and Pupil Premium Recipient can be found in this article. To avoid losing students from the PP register, you can upload the latest register from Key to Success in the Pupil Premium Recipients section of Arbor using instructions here - Uploading Pupil Premium Recipient Records

Do we migrate SEN types?

SEN type information doesn’t show in the student profile but should be included in the migrated data so a custom report can be created to check this.

Why is a staff member showing as a student?

If a staff member has exams recorded on their profile, a student profile will also be created. These can be removed if passed their data retention period, more information on how to do this can be found in this article.

Why can't I take registers from a registration event?

If registration sessions are recorded as events these will need to be scheduled into the timetable as a course by going to: School > Timetable > Timetable Administration > Schedule Registration Sessions. The events will then need to be removed from Timetable Slots to prevent timetable clashes. Once done, test that a form tutor can take their register. If registers are required for other event types you will need to either create an intervention or a course for these.

Why can't I view historic detentions or external exclusions?

Historic detentions and internal exclusions do not migrate to Arbor, if this information is required please contact your existing provider to request an extract of this information.

Migrating from SIMS

Some of the SIMS documents types are .TIF - Can we import them? 

Arbor doesn't support these file types, so these will not be migrated.

Do we import consent types, if so, which types?

We import any user-created consent, as long as it has been set up in the consents area in SIMS. You can see how to check the consents here: Consents

How are emergency contact priorities migrated?

If the number is the main number in SIMS, we rank it as priority 1 in Arbor. 

What flags a person as a contact for a student, when migrating from SIMS?

The following logic is used: 

  • If in SIMS they are priority 1 then they become a Primary Guardian
  • If they are marked as having parental responsibility or receiving correspondence and they aren't marked as having a court order, then they will also be a Primary Guardian. 

How do we create business roles from SIMS?

  • If you store contracts for staff in SIMS, we take the name of the Post Reference and Code and map it to the closest Business Role in Arbor.
  • If schools do not store Contracts in SIMS we cannot apply this same logic because we do not have Post Reference details for them.

You can learn more about how we migrate Business Roles from SIMS here: Migrating Business Roles from SIMS

You can see how to find and amend business roles after them migration here: Adding a Business Role to a member of staff

Do we migrate attendance register notes?

Yes, they are migrated as a Planned Absence.

Do we migrate Medical Conditions, Medical Events and Medical Notes?

Yes, these are all migrated. Medical notes are created as a new medical condition.

Where do quick notes end up?

These are migrated as a pinned Pastoral note on a student's profile

What happens to positive behaviours in SIMS? e.g. Star of the Week Awards

We migrate student achievements in SIMS as Positive Behaviour Types in Arbor (with the severity of +1). We don't migrate anything into Point Awards in Arbor as secondary schools tend to use incidents and usually prefer these to be mapped here. 

Does the default staff email address in SIMS need to be set as "Primary" or "Main"?

Email addresses to be used for Arbor logins should be set as the users 'main' email in SIMS. If the staff member also has a parent account (current or historic) you may need to remove their work email address from this account so it doesn't interfere with their staff login.

Why are historic staff members showing as current?

This can occur when the SIMS contract has no end date.

Why is there a Guardian profile for a next of kin?

Next of kin for staff members will come across as a Guardian in Arbor as there is no concept of a ‘next of kin’ profile. The Guardian profile can be removed (on the ‘Guardians without linked students’ screen) and the person will still show on the staff profile.

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