My Club has disappeared and parents can't sign up

If guardians can't see the club on the Parent Portal or Arbor App, this will be due to your settings. Check and amend these to enable it to show again so parents can sign up and pay.

Club showing in the Active tab but not on the Parent Portal

This is likely due to the Guardian Portal Signup dates not being set. Go to School > Activities > Clubs and select the club from the Active tab.

Click on the Membership under the Membership Periods section for Free Clubs or Membership Periods and Prices for Paid Clubs.



You will need to click on each Membership to check the Guardian Portal Signup dates as they are set up separately.

Make sure you have dates in the Guardian Portal Signup section and that they are current.

This example shows a current date as of April 2021. This membership will show on the Parent Portal.



This example shows an expired date as of April 2021 and this membership won't show on the Parent Portal.


You can edit this by clicking the orange Edit button and changing the Guardian Portal Signup dates and times at the bottom of the slide over.

Click the green Save Changes button.



Club showing in the Inactive tab

If the Club appears in the Inactive tab, this is due to there being no upcoming scheduled sessions.

Find the Sessions section of the Club. Check when the last session took place as this will be the reason the club is inactive.

In this example, the sessions should run until 2nd April 2021, but because the sessions run every Tuesday, the last session would be on the 30th March.



By clicking on the session, you can see the last session was on Tuesday 30th March 2021. After this last session took place, the club became inactive.



How to make the club active again

Go to School > Activities > Clubs and select the club from the Inactive tab.

In the Sessions section, add more sessions using Step 2 in this article.

  • If you are adding sessions to make the previous sessions visible to parents again, you can add a single session for the payment deadline or as far in the future as you can to avoid the club going back to inactive too early.
  • If you are adding sessions due to the club taking place again after the break, you can set up the sessions to accurately represent when the club is actually taking place.
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