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How can I transfer an Applicant to a different Intake Season?

Note: You will need the permission Admissions: Administer All Students permission.

You can transfer an applicant to a different Intake Season by following these steps:

  1. Open the intake season by going to Students > All Students > Applicants
  2. Select the Intake Season that the Applicant is currently in
  3. Select Applicants on the left-hand menu
  4. Select the applicant by clicking the tickbox next to their name
  5. Click the blue pencil on the top left of the table
  6. Select Transfer Intake Season from the drop-down list
  7. Make your selections on the new slide-over window
  8. Once you are happy with the changes, click the green Transfer button

The applicant will now be transferred to the new intake season.


Why can I not import Applicants from the ATF?

This could be caused because of a missing Intake Season. You can find out how to create one by following our guide: Creating an Intake Season

Once this has been set up, you should be able to import the Applicants using the ATF. You can follow our guide here: Adding Applicants


Can I delete an existing Students Application?

Yes, you can do this by following the below steps:

  1. Click the Applicants Name from the Applicants List
  2. Click Edit on the slide-over window
  3. Click Delete Application

This will remove the application for the existing student without deleting the students profile.


Can I add an attendance pattern to an applicant?

You cannot add an Attendance Pattern to an applicant until they are enrolled as a student. Once they are enrolled as a student, you can add an attendance pattern by following this guide: Attendance Pattern


Can I enrol a student into a Year group, Registration form or House if I forgot to during the applicant stage?

Yes, you can! You can change or add an enrolment directly from the student's profile by following the Enrolling a student in your school section of our enrolment guide: Enrolling a student

If it isn't September yet, you can also remove the enrolment then re-add it in bulk if you missed the step of adding students to their registration form. You can see how to do this here: Enrolled applicants before adding a year group or registration form


Can I bulk update Email Addresses for applicants within the Applicant section?

There is no way to bulk update the email addresses for Applicants. You can either add the emails to the profiles individually or wait until they are enrolled and use the bulk update feature as shown in this guide: Bulk update Email Addresses


Why can't I enrol Applicants during the New School Year Setup (Step 3)?

This is usually because they have not been added to the Applicants section of Arbor but had been added as new student profiles instead.

If you want to track them as applicants, you may wish to remove these profiles and set them up as applicants instead. You will need to start by setting up an intake season and then adding the applicants with this guide: Adding Applicants


Why am I seeing an error message when adding individual applicants to a season?

This could be because you will need Admissions: Administer All StudentsGuardians: Administer All Students permissions to add an applicant and to add guardian details to that applicant.

If you are getting the error message after adding the details for the applicant, the applicant may still be added to the intake season without the Guardian details.


How can I end a past intake season?

Go to Students > All Students > Applicants and select the old intake season you want to end.



Click the Intake season dates field. Add an end date, then click Save Changes.


How do I ensure my Applicants pull through to third-party integrations?

For Arbor's API partners to be able to read your applicant data, the students' applications must have the status of 'Enrolled' - i.e. a confirm future enrolment into your school. API partners won't be able to read your Applicants' data whilst their application status is 'Newly Created', 'Offer Made' or 'Offer Accepted'.

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