For reference - Payments using vouchers through Cheques and Customer Account Invoices

We have new voucher payments functionality to help you manage your Wraparound Care payments more easily in Arbor!

To switch over, you just need to stop logging these payments as Cheques, and start topping up your voucher account and using the new Childcare voucher payment type for reconciliation. You can see how to do this by taking a look here: Making and managing payments for Wraparound Care using vouchers


You can continue to use the guidance below as you plan to switch, or to reconcile your payments from before the switch.

What permissions are needed?

  • Extra Curricular: Administer - Manage Clubs and Trips
  • Finance: Administer - Manage payments for Clubs, Trips or other Customer Account Types

Managing sign-ups and top-ups

If it isn't a club or you'd like to manage this process completely yourself, you can manually log the sign-ups. You can click +Add to add club participants to your club. See how to sign students up to trips here: Manually signing students up to a trip

We recommend logging the Method as Cheque, as we find schools rarely process these, making it easier to split out reporting on vouchers later. In the Narrative, add this as being paid by voucher.



If you use the Parent Portal and Arbor App, parents can sign up for a club without paying, to indicate they would like to pay via voucher. They can use the instructions in this article: Signing up a student as a Provisional Club Member to pay later

The child will then show as Not paid. You can click into this and click Pay to log that it should be paid via voucher.





Reporting on the payments

The student will then be marked as Paid, but you won't be able to view the payment details in the club overview. You can see the narrative for the student by going to their student profile. Go to Payments > Account type > Invoices.

Clicking More information will show you the full invoice details, which are also accessible from School > Payments > Accounts > Invoices.



You can view all logs of payments made using vouchers by going to School > Payments > Reconciliation > Money Received.

If you also have cheque payments here that are not vouchers, you would need to download this using the Download button and complete your analysis outside of Arbor.



(Optional) Using a customer account type to track balances

Setting up the accounts

You can create a Customer Account Type to keep a running total of the balance left of the vouchers. You can see how to do this here: Setting up a new Customer Account Type

Make sure that card payments are not accepted. You can choose whether or not to show this account on the Parent Portal for parents to be able to see their remaining balance.



Managing the account totals

To top up the voucher account:

When a payment is made using vouchers (shown in the Managing sign-ups and top-ups section above), you'll need to generate an invoice for the Voucher account to keep the remaining amount up to date. You can see how to do this here: Creating an invoice

If you have chosen to display the account on the Parent Portal, guardians can see the remaining balance, but they can't make a payment into this account.


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