Can we set up pay scales for the schools in our MAT?

It isn't possible to import pay scales into an Arbor site or to set up pay scales across multiple school sites at once in bulk. They need to be set up manually on each site. 

If the MAT team will be setting up or updating pay scales for staff, they will need to log into each school site and complete the setup for each site. You can see how to do this here: Managing and Updating Pay Scales


Spinal Point values within a certain school's pay scale can be updated from one easy slide over (for example when all points are updated in April/September to account for inflation). You will need to enter the full salary amount manually as Arbor won’t be able to calculate a percentage increase.

You'll just need to click the Set New FTE Salary Values button. Read more about this in the Adding new salaries to a Pay Scale after review or inflation section in the Managing and Updating Pay Scales article.

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