2018/2019 Product Update Roundup 20 - Transition Matrix, Preview Communications and much more!

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The Headlines

Transition Matrix

We have released the new Transition Matrix! This feature lets you compare student’s attainment in two assessments at any point in time.  For example, you could compare student’s KS2 Maths scores to their current GCSE grades. Then easily follow up with groups of students who may need an intervention to keep them on track.

Just go to Students > Assessments > Summative Tracking > Analysis > Transition Matrix, then use the filters to select your dates and assessments.

For more help with how to use this new analysis tool click here.



Pre-Planned Absences in Registers

If a student has a Pre-Planned absence, registers are now automatically pre-filled with the correct attendance mark when the Absent button is clicked. This means that if a student is marked as absent due to e.g a doctor’s appointment, the M code will automatically appear in the absence code field.register_marks.gif


To make sure the Absence populates in the registers, you must have selected a Pre-fill mark when logging the absence.



Preview Mail Merges

It is now possible to preview mail merge emails and SMS to make sure everything looks great before sending it out. Just click the preview icon while creating a new Mail Merge! We’ll also be adding the ability to preview letters soon!



Printable Logo

You can select a more suitable printable school logo to use in your email signature. Go to School > School details and click Printable Logo to upload your PNG logo file.



Toggle Point Award Scales

If your school uses Parent Portal, you can choose whether each of your Behaviour Point Award Scales is displayed to parents - great if you want to share your positive scale but not your negative one! You can also choose whether to include the comments and who the points were awarded by.

To toggle these settings, go to Students > Parents and guardians > Parent Portal Settings and click each scale in the Behaviour section.


Department Behaviour

If you’ve linked your courses to a Department, you can view a breakdown of behaviour on a departmental level by going to School > School Structure > Departments > Select department > Behaviour.



What else is new?

  • Download Student photos as JPEGs in Students > All Students > Profile Photos > Bulk Download photos > Students.
  • Search for students on all Candidates pages in the Examinations module.
  • Add the course to all your Assessment Marksheets in Students > Assessments > Assessment Framework > Marksheet Settings.
  • Print Exam Seating Plans to fit on one sheet of paper.


Coming soon...


We’ll be introducing the ability to record, save and submit observations using a template created by you. This includes creating your own gradesets, themes and strands to be observed.

New Group Permissions

We’ll be making our Group MIS permissions more granular, allowing your staff to complete as many actions as possible while maintaining the correct levels of safety and data protection. This will include adding permissions to the Group Custom Report Writer, dashboard KPIs and group actions. We’re also adding standardised assessment fields such as SATs & EYF Profile results to the Custom Report Writer.

Assessment mark entry

New permissions will help you lock down staff access and ability to edit baselines and targets. We’re also adding more ways to customise assessments including renaming targets and introducing ways to show when a mark was not required for the student or that they were absent at the time of assessment.

Data Collections

You’ll soon be able to create data collection policies, allowing you to set when certain assessment marks should be collected and by who.

Exams Updates

We’ve got more updates to Exams on the way! This includes improving the process of adding Qualifications, exam clash reports and candidate labels and managing candidate entries.


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