Business Continuity for Secondary Schools - What to Consider

As a cloud-based system, Arbor maintains a Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plan, which is regularly audited and tested, to make sure we’re ready to deal with any issues.

However, in case of downtime, you may not be able to access your data directly via Arbor.

To prepare for that, we’ve suggested some things that you can do to make sure you always have access to the data you need to operate in case of a disruption.

Download your Emergency Evacuation Registers

We recommend that all schools download a copy of this every morning so that it’s available if required.

You can find these by going to: Students > Attendance > Daily Attendance > Emergency evacuation register (green button In the top-right corner of your screen)

Download printable Lesson Registers

To download a  register for each scheduled lesson, you can go to Students > Attendance > Reports > Printable Lesson Registers.

Use Live Feeds to backup your data 
To make sure data is available to you immediately during any disruption, we recommend using Arbor’s Live Feed functionality to keep a sync of data available in an alternative location. This will allow you to store student and staff data, and periodically refresh to ensure data is up to date.

You can learn more about Arbor's Live Feed function here: Using Live Feeds

Your continuity spreadsheet should be password protected according to best practice and falls under GDPR data protection regulations due to the data it will hold.

Find out more about setting up continuity reports here: Arbor Continuity Recommendations
Check your internet connection

A stable internet connection is required for any cloud-based software to work properly, so it is worth thinking about whether your current connection is reliable enough.

If not, you may wish to consider improving the connection or refreshing your continuity live feed more often.

Top Tip:

Watch out for any warning signs that your internet connection is causing issues on your dummy data runs: slow loading and timing out is often caused by an unstable internet connection.

Check your Firewalls and Network Security

Occasionally, your network security can impact your ability to access Arbor. This is most likely to affect tasks that require uploading or downloading data.

Top Tip:

Watch out for any warning signs that your firewall is causing issues - page timeouts, crashing or slow loading can be symptoms of a firewall issue. In this case, flag with your Arbor Project Manager and school IT lead so they can investigate.

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