On-the-day class queries 2090Q and 1270Q (Spring census only)

Schools need to include the activity of each class at the time of the spring census. Please note that these issues cannot be resolved until on or after census day.

Both of these queries can be resolved by working through the steps below:

  • Query 2090Q : Please check: Nursery pupils reported but no nursery class records
  • Query 1270Q: No classes shown for an expected year group

Step 1 - Check your school timetable

Check if your school has scheduled classes correctly for primary age students. Make sure your timetable slots for your primary classes last the whole morning (until the start of lunch), and your afternoon session lasts the whole afternoon (until the end of the day) by following these instructions: Changing the Start and End Times of timetable slots in bulk

Step 2 - Change your census times

If you know that most of your students are doing a different activity during the time of census (such as a whole-school assembly), you can change the time of the census to bring through different classes from the Classes section of your census: Can I change the time or date for our spring census?

Step 3 - Check your classes

Go to Students > Enrolment > Courses > Table View. Make sure that any classes that are for single year groups have year group set.

If you have any classes that you can't assign a year to, these will be mixed-year group classes. If you have these, submit a validation note to COLLECT.


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