Query 1230Q

Please check: KS1 or Reception class with pupil/teacher ratio greater than 30

Go to the Classes page from the left-hand menu from School > Data > Export > Data Returns and select the census.

Click into the class in question to check the student and teacher numbers.



If this is correct submit a validation note when submitting your census.

If this is not correct, amend the numbers or exemptions:

  • There are not more than 30 pupils, but a student was accidentally enrolled and does not actually attend, and has not yet been removed - you’ll need to unenroll the student and remove all their attendance marks to stop them from showing in your list of students to reconcile. To do this, you can use the instructions in this handy article!
  • The number of teachers is incorrect and there is actually more than 1 teacher in the class - amend the number of teachers
  • There are more than 30 pupils in the class but there is an Exception that needs to be added as to why the student is in this class, or the usual teacher is on PPA or LMT at the time of the census - add the exemption (you can see a list of the available exceptions and their explanations here)


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