Census Summary Inspection

You can view and check your Census summary live without having to download a pdf format.

Go to School > Data > Export > Data Returns. Click the Census, then select the most recent generation.

On the Census page click on the bottom green DfE Census Summary Inspection button on the right-hand side.



This will display your Census Summary online, in Arbor.

  • The tables that appear here are set by the DfE. As such we aren't able to add additional columns here.
  • The DfE may not want MISs to report on certain data points in the summary inspection, even if they are output in the census file. An example of this is National Tutoring Programme funding.



By clicking on any orange number you can view the data behind the figure. This will help you understand how your data has been aggregated, and check your numbers.

Please note that it isn't possible to print these lists, but you could screenshot or copy the lists into a document to print.


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