How do I enable staff to take registers?

There are two ways to enable a staff member to take a register, depending on whether you would like to restrict them to only particular classes or whether you want them to have access to take all registers.


Allowing Access to All Registers

To allow a staff member to take all registers in school, head to their Staff Profile.

On the staff profile, select 'Roles and Permissions' from the left-hand menu and click into 'Permissions'. This will provide you will a list of every permission, which can be clicked into to see a description of what each one does.



To add a new ad-hoc permission, click the 'Assign Ad Hoc permissions' button.

The slide over will contain a list of every permission within Arbor that the staff member doesn't currently have assigned to them. Select the permission Student Profile: Attendance: Administer All Students, select a start and end date (if applicable) and finally select 'Assign Permissions'. 



This staff member will then be able to access all registers in Students > Attendance and select the register from the Daily Attendance page.

They can also access the register by clicking on the 'Attendance' option in 'Favourite Links'. They will see a list of the registers available and they can then choose the register they need to take.


Allowing Access To Specific Registers

Head the course which can either be found via the search bar in the top right-hand corner or via Schoool > Programmes > Year Courses. Select the course.



Once on the course, scroll down to the 'Academic Lead' section which displays a list of all staff members who have been logged as being the lead. This means that the registers for this course will appear in that staff members calendars and shows them as being the main teacher.



To add a new academic lead, click +Add. In the slide over that appears, select the name of the staff member(s), the start and end date (If applicable) and if you would like them to be the lead for all sub-modules.

Click 'Add Lead' and the staff member(s) selected will be the lead for the class and will be able to access all the registers for this class from My Items > My Calendar/My Classes.



For Primary Schools

Although you can use the option outlined above to add teachers to courses, it's often easier to add the staff as ‘Form Tutors’ within the registration form, as these are linked to Courses for Primaries.

Just go to the registration form overview and click +Add in the Form Tutors section. In the slide over, be sure to tick the Assign To Courses box next to the registration form.


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