Exam results FAQ

Do I have to set the embargo for every set of results?

Yes. The embargo date must be set for each set of results.


I’ve got a results file for exams I didn’t enter on Arbor, can I upload it?

Results files for qualifications that haven’t been subscribed to can still be uploaded into Arbor.


Is it possible to import results for Non-EDI exams using a spreadsheet?

No, it is currently only possible to input results manually.


Why isn't my Qualification appearing on the Results > Manual Entry page?

In this case, it is most likely that you haven’t subscribed or created this qualification via your qualification catalogue. Add this qualification by going to Qualifications > Qualification Offering.


Why can't I see my student to add results for in Manual Results? 

If you can’t find a student to add, it’s likely they don’t have a UCI and candidate number assigned to them. Register students as candidates, with candidate numbers and UCIs, using the Candidates section. Once you have added candidates, you can then assign results to each one.


What analysis of exam results do you have?

We support exports to SISRA and 4Matrix via the Results > By Subject page.

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