Setting up exam qualifications FAQ

Why can't I find the qualification or unit to add?

When you add the qualification or unit to your Qualification Offering, make sure you search in the box for the QAN code or the name. You won't be able to search using the short code.


Why isn’t my qualification listed in Arbor?

It’s very rare that we don’t have a qualification listed in Arbor. If the qualification isn’t in the Ofqual database, then it’s likely non-accredited qualification. 


How do Key Skills qualifications work in Arbor?

As long as the qualification is listed in the Ofqual database, we can support it. Key Skills qualifications can often be re-sat multiple times throughout the year. We support this as long as the exam board’s basedata allows for this.


What is a non-EDI qualification?

This is a qualification that doesn’t use EDI files for basedata and entries. Non-EDI qualifications only exist in the Ofqual database. Most (but not all) non-EDI qualifications are vocational. 


Do I need to load qualification offerings into Arbor?

Yes, this can be done through the ‘Qualification Offering’ page.


Why are the awards/units greyed out when you go into qualification offering?

This happens when there are students provisionally entered into the award or unit. To unsubscribe to the award/unit, please ensure that all students have been withdrawn from the award/unit.


Why is there no exam details listed for a Qualification? 

If the exam is listed on the Qualification Offering page, but there are no further details, then it’s likely that not all of the basedata hasn’t been released.

If the qualification or unit isn’t listed on the Qualification Offering page: try searching the Ofqual database by QAN code.


Do I have to create Qualification Offerings each year?

Yes because many qualifications change year on year so it isn’t possible to copy qualifications from one academic year to another.


My learning units/components have not appeared after subscribing to the qualification?

Occasionally, the basedata we receive from awarding organisations is formatted in such a way that some learning units/components do not appear after you have subscribed to the qualification on your qualification catalogue. This often affects WJEC and Pearson qualifications. Examples include: 4300 Home econ (food and nutrition) and linked units 4301 and 4302; 4730LA Mathematics Linear and linked unit 4731 and 4732; and 4170 English Language and linked units 4171 and 4172.

To resolve this, enrol students into each unit/component individually, as if it were a standalone unit.


Why would I link a course to the Qualification Offering?

Linking courses allows you to create printable entry sheets to enable teachers / Heads of Departments to check that entries are correct. 


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