Secondary Week By Week Guide to moving to Arbor - weeks 11-16

Following on from our weeks 1-10 guide, this guide will give you all the information you need to get you up and running on Arbor. Your dedicated Project Manager will be here to support you every step of the way.

Weeks 9-12 - Deploy

Week 11

What happens this week?

You’re live on Arbor! It’s great to have you onboard.

Where on the timeline are we?


Actions for this week

  • Take attendance on your shiny new Arbor MIS
  • Configure priority modules
  • Make sure all third party integrations are functioning as expected
  • Progress call with your Project Manager

Top tip for week 11!

Some schools like to print out a “how to take a register in Arbor” guide to prepare teachers for their first day of using Arbor.

Week 12

What happens this week?  

In week 12 you will continue configuring the system to your requirements.

Where on the timeline are we?


Actions for this week

  • Review meeting with your Project Manager
  • Get staff used to using the Help Centre and contacting our support team when they need help
  • Continue to configure the different areas of your Arbor MIS

Top tip for week 12!

Use your Arbor champions to make sure everyone is making use of the functionality available in their area of the MIS.

Weeks 13 to 16 - Embed

Week 13

What happens this week?  

By week 13 staff should be building up confidence in using the new MIS. There may be some additional modules to be configured and training taking place to optimise use of the system.

Where on the timeline are we?


Actions for this week

  • Set up additional modules e.g. assessments
  • Continue training sessions

Top tip for week 13!

If you are using the Parent Portal, make sure Guardians are able to log on and are using the features available.

Week 14

What happens this week?  

In week 14 you might want to review how the system is being used and make sure the workflows for staff members is optimised.

Where on the timeline are we?


Actions for this week

  • Check that processes are working as expected for each team

Top tip for week 14!

Ask ‘Why do we do it that way? Is there a better way?’

Moving to a new system is a great opportunity to evaluate your current processes and find better ways to work. Now is a good time to challenge your teams!

Week 15

What happens this week?  

In week 15 you should have most of your core modules configured and be able to spend some time exploring how the MIS can improve data.

Where on the timeline are we?


Actions for this week

  • Have a look at how custom reports can help improve the data you get out of the system

Top tip for week 15!

Now that you are getting used to the system, we would love to hear your feedback! See the different ways you can submit your feedback here.

Week 16

What happens this week?  

Your final project review will take place this week, where you will meet your Account Manager who will work with you after implementation.

During this meeting, we will discuss the key modules you’re using in Arbor and what modules you plan to roll out next. If you have any outstanding training, we can plan on how to use this in the future. We’ll also discuss the key successes and challenges from implementation.

Where on the timeline are we?



Actions for this week

  • Attend your final project review with your Project Manager
  • Move from Implementation to Account Management

Top tip for week 16!

We want to give schools the best implementation experience possible, so would love any feedback you have. We hope you have enjoyed the journey!

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